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Abdominal muscles looses its strenght and separates during pregnancy or if an individual gains too much weight and inevitably abdominal skin stretches too much. Consequently fat increases in areas such as breasts, arms, legs and face.Afterwards, even followed with weight loss in a short time, as the fat tissues decreases rapidly under the skin, the skin remains saggy. Exercising can not be preventative during weight loss process.Due to the separated abdominal muscles, the abdominal region has a bloated appearance no matter how much weight is lost.This can only be corrected by repairing and restoring the abdominal muscles during tummy tuck surgery.With rapid weight loss sagging occurs in the areas of the body listed below;

As patients health is the number one priority, these restoring procedures are performed in 2 or 3 sessions if necessary.

These combinations are usually adjusted in two ways, the upper and lower parts of the body and which of these combinations will be the priority is decided jointly with the patient.

Mostly first session would be the combination of tummy tuck, breasts and arm lift.

Tummy Tuck: During these procedures, the abdominal muscles are repaired, the excess skin is removed and a new belly button is made.

Breasts: Breast augmentation, breast augmentation and lift, breast lift, breast lift and reductions could be combined.

Arm Lift: Depending on the level of sagging, scar can be extended from the armpit to the elbow area.In practise, scars are planned in concealable areas, on the other hand in arm lift aesthetics, the scar would be on the inner surface of the arm, so it is not visible when viewed from the opposite side.When it comes to leg and hip lift surgeries, recovery of upper body surgeries has to be completed which is no less than 3 to 6 months and patients blood values should return to normal before undergoing any other operation. 

Advantages Of Combined Surgeries

As a matter of the fact, there are many pros of combined surgeries.

Undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures during the same surgery means only having to be placed under general anaesthesia once. In this way, pre-anesthesia preparations such as blood tests, X-rays and EKG’s for the surgery will be made ony once.

Every surgery has pre-operative preparations and a post-operative recovery period. In general, the patient is not allowed to be fed with any food or water for a minimum of 8 hours before the surgery. Therefore, this will only happen once in combined surgeries.  

The post-operative recovery process is also rather important. Recovering from multiple procedures at once is more efficient and since all wounds will heal at the same time, patients will not have to wait for wounds to heal separately.

Another advantage of combined aesthetic surgeries is that it will allow surgent to adjust the targeted aesthetic appearance more proportionally. 

After surgery, patients feel that they have been operated once and are healed. Thus, the psychological pressure caused by undergoing more than one surgery would be diminished that would affects the patient's social life positively.

Last but not the least, in terms of allowance of cost it would be hugely beneficial than having separate surgeries.

Limiting Factors Of Combined Surgeries

In combined surgeries, the duration of anesthesia is relatively longer than single operations and although this would not pose a risk for healthy individuals, it is more appropriate to opt to a stepwise approach to people who are aged, diabetic or with chronic cardiovascular or lung diseases. 

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