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Ear aesthetics is a surgical intervention applied to eliminate prominent ear deformity, which is widely observed all over the world. Prominent ear problem can be easily treated as a result of modern medical developments accelerated in our country in recent years. Prominent ear, which is not basically a disease and does not cause any health problems, causes problems such as lack of self-confidence in the person and damages the social aspect. Thanks to the modern techniques applied in our country, all visual and mental problems caused by prominent ear can be permanently eliminated.

With prominent ear aesthetics, hereditary or accidental shape deformities in the outer ear are corrected and the ears are given an ideal appearance. Thus, thanks to advanced medical facilities, the ears that damage the physical image are brought to the desired dimensions and the person gains self-respect. Ear aesthetics, which allows the patient to make ears as desired, can be completed in an extremely simple and practical way.

What Kind of Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?

Prominent ear is one of the most common shape deformities in the ear and can be observed in one or both ears. Prominent ear, which is a genetic problem; It may occur as the angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle is higher than normal, the ear cartilages are loose, the ear folds are missing or insufficient, the auricle looks flat as if it has been ironed.

Prominent ear deformity causes an increasing self-confidence problem starting from childhood. Especially bad jokes made in childhood can cause serious psychological problems such as feeling incomplete and inadequate, not being able to go out in public and not being able to make friends. People who are disturbed by the appearance of their ears may have complex obsessions and may have social problems. Even though women with prominent ear problems can usually hide their ears by growing their hair, this is not possible especially for adult men. Thus, it is recommended to treat prominent ear at the earliest possible age due to the psychological problems it causes, if not health.

Who is a good candidate for ear aesthetics?

The ideal age for ear aesthetics is 4 years and later, because children at this age have not yet encountered social problems caused by prominent ears and do not develop additional psychological problems. Thus, the earlier the surgery is performed, the less damage it does to the individual in terms of personal development. However, there is no problem in performing ear aesthetics, which is an easy and simple procedure, at an adult age.

How is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The application and use of anesthesia in ear aesthetics are determined according to the age of the patient. The operation performed with general anesthesia in children can be completed under sedation in adults and in a short period of approximately 1-1.5 hours. The steps followed during the process can be summarized as follows:

After ear aesthetics, which is a practical procedure, the stitches should be carefully protected for a week and should not be soaked for 1-2 days. Immediately after the procedure, redness, edema and swelling may be observed in the area, but all of these findings heal in a short time with the help of medications prescribed by the physician. In order to accelerate the healing process, it is necessary to protect the operated area from impacts and environmental factors. As the surgical scar is hidden behind the ear, it does not spoil the physical appearance and becomes largely invisible in about 1 year. 

Ear Aesthetics in Children

Parents have a great responsibility in ear aesthetic operations for children. As a matter of fact, it is determined by the parents that there is a prominent ear problem and the decision for surgery is again made by the parents. For this reason, it is recommended to treat prominent ear deformity in children at an early age so that it does not cause larger developmental problems in the future. In order for children to grow up as self-confident individuals, not to have difficulties in school life and to be psychologically healthy, prominent ear aesthetics should be applied with the recommendation of a physician, so it is very important for parents to be conscious about making such decisions.

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