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Causes of earlobe sagging may include genetics, aging, and trauma. With aging, sagging occurs due to the disorder in the structure of collagen tissue. Collagen proteins provide stiffness in a tissue. The more collagen there is in a tissue, the harder that tissue will be. Therefore, a disorder in the production phase of collagen protein will reduce the tension in the tissue and that tissue will sag. For example, there are cortisone-based creams given in some diseases. When these creams are used unconsciously by patients, thinning called atrophy occurs on the skin and capillary blood vessels are clearly seen in this thinning. This thinning becomes such that a minor irritation may cause bleeding on the skin. The reason for this situation is that the steroid causes disorders in the production of collagen. 

Generally speaking, male and female earlobes are approximately 2x2 cm in size. And again, it is known that the left earlobe is shorter than the right. As can be understood from this situation, there is an asymmetry between the two earlobes when compared. 

Earlobe reduction aesthetic surgery is is performed for the purpose of reshaping the earlobe. The most common cause is sagging is aging. This surgery takes approximately 30 minutes.

Earlobe tissue consists of fat and skin and it does not contain cartilage tissue. Therefore, it is structurally very flexible. In some cases, split nipples may occur in long-term use of earrings. This earlobe detachment may also be due to trauma. For example, damage to the earlobe by attaching ear tags to a place is among the traumas that cause split earlobes. Or, the earlobe may be completely separated from the ear by some trauma. As a result of such situations, earlobe aesthetic surgery becomes mandatory. 

Before the operation, patient should share with plastic surgeon what kind of earlobe shape is desired. Then, a plan is made according to ear size, face shape and neck structure. After the pre-operative drawing and planning, local anesthesia is given to the surgery site. General anesthesia is not required for this surgery. After the local anesthesia, it takes a while for the effect to start. During this procedure, patients do not feel pain or pain.

After the incisions, the fat tissue that causes the deformity in the earlobe tissue is taken out. Appropriate size flaps (skin shift) are used for the deformed part, if necessary. It is necessary to do the same procedure in the other ear. Otherwise, asymmetry occurs in the earlobes.

Very thin threads are used in the sewing phase to prevent scarring after the repair. The prominent ear deformity seen in some patients can also be performed together with the earlobe reduction procedure in the same session. In this procedure, it can be corrected with only local anesthesia and surgical treatment, which lasts between 1-1.5 hours, without general anesthesia. 

After the surgery, various painkillers are given to the patients. Thus, the patient does not feel pain. Appropriate antibiotics recommended by the physician should be used to prevent wound infection. There is no loss of work force after this surgery. In other words, there is no need for the patient to rest. Since absorbable sutures are used during the surgery, there is no suture removal in the next process. Dressing will be enough to be done a few times in the post-operative period.

The scars will gradually begin to disappear after a month. After 5-6 months, these traces will decrease so much that they cannot be seen when viewed without focusing. This may also depend on whether the patient has a disease that may delay wound healing. In such a case, traces may remain longer than expected.

The scarring may also depend on the skin color of the person. Generally, dark-skinned people will have more scars after wound healing. On the contrary, people with white skin will have a lower rate of scarring. 

Generally, one of the issues that patients are curious about is the case of wearing earrings again after this surgery. Patients can have their ears pierced again after 3 months in general. If the softening of the earlobe is not sufficient during this process, it should be waited for this process.With this surgery, the new appearance of the earlobe is permanent. Because the earlobe tissue causing the deformity is cut and discarded.

Sutures of appropriate sizes are placed on the incision site. But over time, new deformities may occur due to aging or the use of heavy earrings. In this case, it can be treated with a new surgical intervention again.Since this surgery does not involve the ear parts where the sound is transmitted, there will be no situation that may cause hearing loss.This surgery can be done to anyone who has no problem receiving anesthesia. There is no specific age limit. Generally, it can be any individual who has completed their growth and has large earlobe sizes. For those under the age of 18, this surgery can be performed with the consent of their parents. 

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