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What Causes Forehead Wrinkles?

The fact that the forehead muscles are one of the most used muscles on our face can cause some problems to occur here over time. At the beginning of these problems are lines and wrinkles. These wrinkles may also appear on the corners of the eyes or lips over time. Forehead wrinkles may be due to genetic factors, but mostly to the use of mimics, age and environmental factors. Apart from all these, it is possible to mention the following causes of forehead wrinkles:

Forehead wrinkles, which cause problems for both women and men, can be removed with various treatment methods that have been developed.   

What are Forehead Wrinkle Treatment Methods?

The treatment methods to be applied also differ according to the size of the forehead wrinkle and how much area it covers. What kind of treatment method will be applied is decided by the doctor after the necessary physical examination is performed. Today, the methods applied in the treatment of forehead wrinkles are examined in two groups as medical and surgical.  

Medical Methods 

Cream applications come at the beginning of the medical treatment methods. The most important point in this regard is to use the right products. Thus, the creams to be used should be recommended by the doctor and used as recommended by the doctor. On the other hand, not every wrinkle can be removed with a cream.

Thus, it may be necessary to resort to different medical treatment methods. These are fat injection, botox and thread lift methods.fat injectionThe fat to be used for injection is taken from the fat-rich areas of the person such as waist, hips, hips or abdomen.

Then the wrinkles on the forehead are filled with this oil. After the injection, 30 percent of the injected fats melt within about three months and the operation needs to be repeated. Thus, fat injection is not a permanent method.,


Botox, which is a painless and simple procedure, is one of the most widely used wrinkle removal applications today. In the botox process, it is aimed to relax the muscles so that the visibility of the lines is reduced and the eyebrows are given an upturned form.

Botox, which is a filling method that can be used in every part of the face, is effective for approximately five months. At the end of five months, the process must be repeated. However, it should not be forgotten that botox is not an anti-aging method, but a masking method. In other words, rather than improving the skin, it gives it a youthful appearance. 

Forehead Rope Stretching

In the forehead rope stretching method, also known as the suspension method, medical threads are used and the areas with wrinkles are stretched thanks to these threads. The pulling process is usually done from the wrinkled area to the temples. The medical threads used are compatible with the subcutaneous tissue and thus no rupture occurs. There is no such thing as cutting the forehead skin or suturing it. The permanence period of this method, which also helps to make the eyebrows look lifted, is two years. The biggest advantage of this method is that in patients who are not satisfied with the procedure, the threads can be removed and the face can be restored to its old appearance. 

Surgical Methods

Medical methods usually have a certain permanence period and the process must be repeated when the said period expires. If you want a permanent solution, surgical methods should be preferred. The most commonly used method in the treatment of forehead wrinkles is eyebrow and temple lifting performed under local anesthesia. 

Brow and Temple Lift

Eyebrow and temple lifting cover the eyelids, forehead and eyebrows. In this method, which is a minimal surgical procedure, it is aimed to remove the forehead sagging, which causes an aged expression on the face. Because forehead sagging deepens the aged appearance by affecting the eyelids and eyebrows.

The procedure is performed through a small incision in the scalp above the ear. The incision is entered, the excess skin is cut and removed, and finally the forehead skin is stretched upwards and sutured to the opened incision.

By hanging the eyebrows upwards, sagging is prevented. At the same time, the droopy eyelids are also removed.

After approximately two hours of operation, it is recommended to rest for five days.

After this procedure, which lasts for ten years, it is normal to see swelling or bruising when the dressings are opened.

After five days of rest, patients can start to take shower.

Both medical treatment methods and surgical methods give effective results when applied correctly by specialist physicians. Thus, it is of great benefit to get support from specialist and reliable physicians. 

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