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Causes bags under the eyes?

Under-eye bags can develop due to many different reasons and are generally an unpleasant, unaesthetic condition. The most basic reasons for the formation of under-eye bags can be listed as follows:

These may not always be the underlying causes of under-eye bags. A physician's control is necessary in order to define the cause of under-eye bags definitively. The treatment process is planned by the physician according to the cause of the under-eye bags.

Under Eye Bags Treatment Methods

Two different methods, Agnes RF and eyelid surgery, can be applied to remove under-eye bags. In addition to these methods, there are certain recommendations that you can apply at home alone.

Agnes RF Method

Agnes RF is a treatment method applied with the logic of tissue repair. With needles produced using high technology, radiofrequency energy reaches the tissues and in this way, it is aimed to repair the tissues. Since it is a non-surgical method, it does not pose any risk. Sessions in Agnes RF method usually last between 25 and 30 minutes. Most of the time, a single session is sufficient, but the number of sessions can be increased if necessary.  

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery gives definite results for the treatment of under-eye bags. The steps applied during the process are as follows:

Although there is a low probability of complications during or after the operation, some complications may occur. These complications can be listed as follows: Dry or watery eyes, pain, bruising, swelling, blurred vision or loss of vision, eyelid injury or sagging, infection, corneal abrasion.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Under-Eye Bags?

Some touches that you will perform in daily life can help reduce or even completely eliminate under-eye bags. You can also apply the following suggestions to get rid of under-eye bags:

In addition to all these, cosmetic products recommended by the doctor can also be used. As wrong moves to get rid of under-eye bags can damage your eyes, it is useful to consult a physician and get advice first. 

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