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In some people, philtrum appears long due to the shortness of the upper lip area. This proportion could be aesthetically disturbing. In order to eliminate this, ladies could pull the lipstick line up or create a temporary solution to this problem by making lip augmentation. If a permanent solution is desired, the upper lip lift procedure called lift lip surgery is performed.

This procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia. First of all, local anesthetic injected to the upper lip area of the skin where it is going to be opareted and after a shortwhile the area becomes numb. If patient is stressed or has a panic attack, there is no harm in doing it under general anesthesia. 

Lengthy upper lip would make the face appearlonger than it is. This would have negatively affects on both aesthetically and psychologically. In addition, this would disrupt the aesthetics of the smile. During the naturel act of laughing and smiling, the teeth should be seen to a certain extent with the movement of the upper lip. The long distance over the upper lip will cover the teeth and disrupt the smile aesthetic. In this is the case, with the lip lift surgery, appearance of the teeth while smiling would be corrected and it will make a very important contribution to the face in terms of aesthetics. 

As people age, the skin will be more likely to sag. The main reason for this is the disorders in the production of the protein substance called collagen that provides tension to the skin. These saggings may occur on the face, eyebrows, cheeks and neck in general. In addition, some sagging may occur on the upper lip.

Therefore, the need for lip lift surgery increases in advanced ages. In some cases, the fillings made in this area are also insufficient. In fact, after the filling, the distance between the lip and the base of the nose will increase even more and it will be an aesthetically disturbing appearance. Therefore, it is beneficial to consult physicians who are experts in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery for this procedure. 

Lip lift surgery is rather simple operation. A small incision is made at the point where the sub-nasal region called the columella meets the hollow part called the philtrum. Excess skin is cut and removed. After this procedure, the skin is joined and sutured from both sides in accordance with its anatomy and operation is completed. With this procedure, the vermillion line of the upper lip is shifted upwards and an image called angel wing is created on the upper lip. It is very important that the skin layers are at the same level during the suturing process. 

If this situation is not taken care of, there is a risk of leaving more scars than necessary during the post-operative recovery period. The general health status of the patient also affects this recovery. If there is any additional health problem such as diabetes, there will be delays in wound healing. Or, the same effect will be seen in the case of a disease that causes a contraction effect on blood vessels and disrupts tissue nutrition. For example, smoking causes the level of nicotine in the blood to rise. The most important effect of nicotine is the contraction effect called vasoconstriction in blood vessels. If the patient is a smoker, quitting smoking for a while before and after the surgery will have a positive effect on wound healing. Under normal conditions, stitches would not separate. However, due to the conditions described above, wound infection or any trauma may result in skin opening from the edges. In this case, the necessary treatment can be easily applied by contacting the surgeon performing the surgery.  

Post-operative recovery is approximately 5-7 days. During this period, applying ice to the area will help reduce swelling and edema. At the end of the operation, which takes about 1 hour, patient can be discharged from the hospital and resume their normal life the next day. In other words, this surgery does not cause loss of workforce. In this surgery, there will be no restriction in lip movements, except for the first 2 days due to edema also this surgery has no negative affects on the appearance of the nose.With this surgery, the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose will be shortened and a more aesthetic appearance will be obtained. In addition, the thickness of the upper lip will increase and there will be no unnecessary lipstick application or temporary filling after the surgery. 

Permanent upper lip aesthetic can be achieved with the surgery. However, if it is performed at a young age, some sagging may occur due to the change of collagen structure towards advanced ages. In this case, this surgery can be easily repeated. Patients should be aware of this situation. This surgery has no known harm to the human body. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor after the surgery, you are not likely to encounter a problem. In addition, this surgery can be performed together with other combined aesthetic surgeries. 

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