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Generally, neck shaping is a part of face lift aesthetics, but if people are satisfied with their facial appearance, neck lift can also be performed separately. Neck lift can be combined with some procedures;

Factors affecting aging in the neck region.

  • Sunlight,
  • Stress
  • Cigarette
  • Alcohol
  • Some chemicals (perfume and other cosmetic products)
  • Genetic factors
  • gravity 
  • Aging.

The most important step in Neck Lift Aesthetics is to carry out this process with a reliable and experienced physician.Neck lift Istanbul surgery is usually performed on people over 40 years of age. Therefore, a person's medical history is very important.

  • Cigarette and alcohol consumption 
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure or other circulatory disorders
  • Problems with wound healing
  • Any disorder related to blood coagulation
  • Skin type, ethnicity and age
  • Attitudes and expectations 

It is one of the most important information to be learned for a person who decides to have neck lift surgery.Facelift in Turkey is another procedure that people wonder about. 

Before Neck Lift Surgery

After completing the search for a reliable surgeon before neck lift surgery, the most important step is to set expectations and take a decision in this direction. Physician and patient should discuss in detail the expectations and possibilities in face-to-face meetings and make a joint decision for the best result. The patient should inform the physician in detail about the diseases he/she has, the surgeries he/she has undergone, and the medications he/she is using.

Since the blood thinners or herbal teas used may cause bleeding problems before and after the surgery, they should be left under the control of the doctor. One of the most important problems in neck lift surgery is smoking. Especially in advanced ages, smoking has a negative effect on blood circulation and wound healing process.  

Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is often combined with face lift surgery. In neck lift operations combined with face lift surgery, the scar starts in front of the ear, continues behind the ear and then into the scalp. In this way, drooping cheeks are lifted, a prominent jaw line and a tight neck structure can be obtained.

Here, the loose and reticulated structures and muscle tissue under the skin and on the muscle tissue are also intervened and tightened, the skin is stretched and the excesses are removed and reshaped. In this way, a certain tension is created not only in the neck but also in the face area. In addition, neck lift surgery can be performed alone.

After the surgery, there will be small drains that will stay for a few days in order to prevent blood accumulation between the tissues. These drains are of vital importance in order to prevent minor bleeding and leaks after the procedure and to maintain the quality of the healing period. In addition, the neck may appear drooping due to excessive lubrication of this region.

Significant changes can be achieved in the appearance of the neck region with the double-jowl liposuction procedure at young ages. The duration of neck lift surgery varies depending on the procedures to be combined with neck lift surgery. Neck lift aesthetics alone are performed in about 3 hours on average. 

Neck Lift Aesthetic Risks 

It is quite natural to experience some effects in the first few weeks after surgery that are completely normal and should not be cause for concern. The most common of these are edema and bruises. These disturbing edema and bruises are almost non-existent within 7-10 days after surgery.The short-term effects that may occur after neck lift surgery are loss of sensation in the face area. This is normal and temporary.Apart from this, there are few side effects that may occur.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hypertrophic scar
  • Persistent numbness or numbness
  • Skin loss or discoloration are among the side effects that can be seen. 

After Neck Lift Surgery 

After neck lift surgery, patients are dressed in a corset that will cover the face and neck area.

Wearing this corset for 3-6 weeks will help reduce edema rapidly and accelerate recovery time. After the procedure, there are two mini drains in the neck area. These drains prevent blood and fluid accumulation in the surgical area. It is taken by the doctor on the 2nd day after the operation.The sutures used in neck lift aesthetics are self-absorbing, so it is not necessary to remove stitches after the procedure.

On the 2nd day after neck lift aesthetics, a shower can be taken after the drains are removed. After the shower, the seams should be dried and kept that way.

After neck lift surgery in Turkey, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and a total of 5 nights in Istanbul.   

Healing Process

You can stand up and move actively on the same day after the surgery. In the first two weeks, activities such as active sports, pool, sauna should be avoided.There may be swelling and stiffness on the face in the first few weeks. It is quite natural and temporary.It may take up to 3 months for all edema to pass and the face to take its final shape.

The doctor's instructions regarding the healing of the stitches and what needs to be done should be strictly followed. You can contact the relevant clinic staff for information about neck lift Turkey price and neck lift cost Istanbul. 

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