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Muscle Structure

The vagina is surrounded by muscles concentrated at the base. These muscles can stretch, lose their tone or even tear at the end of age, sexual activity, and mostly at the end of childbirth. Along with the stretching muscles, the mucosa expands and stretches.In vaginoplasty surgery Turkey, the vaginal mucosa is reduced and the muscles are tightened.

Points to be Considered In The Postoperative Period


After the operation, small blood and vaginal secretions may leak from the suture areas, this blood is never excessive in normal menstrual blood. This may continue for up to 3 weeks. Using a normal sanitary pad will suffice. If there is more bleeding than normal menstrual blood, a re-examination by the doctor is essential.  


Infection is rare after vaginoplasty surgery . To prevent this, it will be sufficient to use the antibiotics given by the doctor after the surgery.Taking antibiotics prevents bacterial infections, but in some cases, if the patient has a fungal infection, it can increase it. If the patient starts burning and itching, it may be necessary to use both antibiotics and fungicides in combination. If there is any vaginal infection before the operation, informing the doctor about it beforehand and getting treatment before the operation will make the post-operative period more comfortable.


Pain in vaginoplasty operations occurs in two separate periods. The first is the early postoperative period, and the second is the period when sexual intercourse is started.Surgery pain is an expected situation in the early postoperative period. It can be easily controlled with normal painkillers. This pain disappears in 3-4 days.

The reason for the pain that may occur after the sexual activity starts may be the dryness due to the patient's first post-operative sexual intercourse anxiety due to insufficient wetting and is relieved by the use of lubricant. It gets better after the first few intercourse.

The second situation is the adaptation process of the muscles to stretching due to the tightening of the muscles, which usually starts to stretch after 6 weeks. If this period is prolonged, pain may be felt in the first few intercourse. If it does not improve, preliminary preparation can be made with a dilator. After a maximum of 3 months, the muscles will gain the ability to fully stretch. 


The muscles repaired in vaginoplasty Turkey are the muscles that separate the intestines from the vagina. Therefore, the procedure performed in the area adjacent to the intestine may cause a feeling of pressure and pain in the intestines in the first days and slow down the bowel movements. Therefore, constipation may occur in the first days after surgery. It improves easily with soft foods and drugs that increase bowel movements. It returns to normal after 1 week. 


Our recommendation for our patients who come to Turkey from abroad and prefer Istanbul Safe Medical is to stay in Turkey for at least 3 nights. During this period, the bleeding of the patients, usually in the form of leakage, will either stop or decrease very much. Pain due to surgery is reduced to a level that they can manage with 1 tablet of painkillers per day. They can travel by plane or by car. However, walking the patient at most every 2 hours will be a precaution against the risk of clotting.

Sexual intercourse after Vaginoplasty Surgery Turkey

The earliest period for sexual intercourse is 6 weeks. While the mucosal healing in the vagina heals within 2 weeks, the full recovery of the muscles takes 6 weeks. It is obligatory to abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks in order not to tear the repaired muscles.

Kegel Maneuver after Vaginoplasty Surgery

At the end of 6 weeks, it is recommended to perform a kegel maneuver to strengthen the repaired muscles. Kegel maneuver is based on the principle of tightening the vaginal muscles for 5-10 minutes several times a day and then relaxing them 3-5 times while lying on their back.

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