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Why is a thigh lift needed?

The thighs are where both legs are separated apart from each other and the flabby skin in this area or the presence of fat, creates physical and visual problems. Dressing could be a challenge because of the irregularities in this area and due to the fact that between legs is where we also sweat, the sweat remaining between the skin causes odour, and rubbing skin results in diaper rash. These both affect the social and psychological state of the person negatively and after the thigh lift operation patient could have a body that they have desired. 

Goals in thigh aesthetics

Surgical procedure aims to reshape the thigh area and achieve a good contour as well as removing as much of the adipose tissue and sagging skin as possible. However, tension should be kept reasonable, as excessive tension in this area would cause the stitches to open up. 

Thigh lift pre-operation 

Unlike other surgeries, thigh lift does not require a preparation period. Anybody who does not have any health condition that could prevent surgery can have a thigh lift. Routine preliminary tests and physical examination could be performed on the morning of the surgery. 

What are the different types of thigh lifts?

Medial thigh lift surgery

If sagging skin is not excessive in the thigh area, than this type of surgery is commonly practised. Skin on the upper part of the thigh is removed only and the scars would be in the groin to be hidden under the underwear.

Classic thigh lift surgery

If the sagging skin is extending up to the knee than this type of surgery is performed. The scar would be from the groin to the edge of the knee and since the scars will remain on the inside of the leg and will turn into skin colour over the time and there would be no discomfort. 

Preparation For Surgery

Preoperatively, patient is marked on upright and lying position for the skin that needs to be removed. Also the incision scar is planned during marking. 

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