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During childbirth and sexual intercourse, sometimes serious irreversible stretching occurs in both the mucosa and muscles and sometimes tears may occur. The vaginal mucosa can renew itself very quickly. However, in multiple births, while the body repairs mucous ruptures, there may be some indentations and unwanted formations.

The vaginal mucosa may lose its flat structure and turn into structures with many folds and even these excess mucosa may come out of the vagina and create a bad appearance. In the muscles, the situation is slightly different, the torn or too stretched castes cannot return, so there is an improvement in the vagina and a decrease in its tone. The decrease in tone causes the vagina to lose its tightening.

The procedure performed in vaginoplasty surgeries not only provides an apparent improvement in the vagina by removing the excess in the mucosa, but also by repairing and tightening the torn muscles and an increase in muscle tone is created by repairing the muscles at the same time.

Sexual intercourse should be left for six weeks for the tightened muscles to heal. After the muscles are completely healed, both vaginal narrowing and an increase in muscle tone occur. If the instructions are followed after the vaginal tightening surgery, effective results are obtained. Because the muscle and mucosal repairs are permanent.

How long does it take to recover from vaginoplasty surgery?

Sometimes the healing of the mucosa is very fast, the healing of the mucosa is completed within a week. People can return to their normal life a few days after the surgery, but it takes a little more time for the muscles to fully heal. For the formation of muscle tone and full recovery of muscle repair, it is necessary to wait for sexual intercourse for at least six weeks. Even if it takes a few days to return to life, it takes at least six weeks to return to sexual life. 

Is Vaginoplasty Permanent?

Since both the muscle and the mucosa are repaired in vaginoplasty surgery, the operation is permanent under normal conditions, but due to aging and the continuity of sexual intercourse, there may be stretches in the hip area again in very long periods. This period may extend up to 5-10 years for a person who has a normal sexual life or will not give birth. 

What does it feel like after a vaginoplasty?

Women who need this operation are generally uncomfortable with both the appearance of the vagina and the function of the vagina during sexual intercourse. This creates a lack of self-confidence in patients, and they regain their self-confidence as their problems disappear after the surgery. 

What happens during a vaginoplasty?  

General anesthesia is preferred in vaginoplasty surgeries. Immediately after the operation, the patient gets up in a few hours, there may be minor bleeding like the normal monthly cycle, but she can return to his normal life after a day.

Is vaginoplasty and labiaplasty the same?

Although vaginoplasty mostly refers to vaginal tightening surgery, it actually covers all of the vaginal aesthetics. Aesthetic and FUNCTIONAL applications to the vagina include vaginal narrowing, labia minus shaping, that is, labioplasty and labio majus shaping. However, the currently established expression is that vaginoplasty is perceived as vaginal tightening. Labiaplasty, on the other hand, is the shaping of only the small lips.

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