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What is Filling Dissolution?

Filling dissolution is a technique that melts the fillings in the body by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Factors such as asymmetries, irregularities and dissatisfaction with the result are among the main reasons why filling dissolution is preferred. The hyaluronic acid fibers used in filling works are digested and destroyed by filling melting application, and in this way, the person gets rid of the fillings that make him/her unhappy. In classical filling applications, hyaluronic acid is injected into the body and the related area appears fuller. The hyaluronidase enzyme injected during the filling melting process ensures the dissolution of the hyaluronic acid fragments and is effective in melting the filler.

Why is Fill Dissolution Necessary?

Filler injections are actually reliable and satisfactory applications, but situations such as not choosing reliable physicians from time to time or not having a clear idea about the chosen filling cause discomfort with the result. Even if the person cannot express himself well or the filling is as expected, the disruption of the process of getting used to the filling is effective in the research of filling melting techniques. In addition to this, the emergence of undesirable situations may cause the person to want to return to his old self.

Among the situations in which filling dissolution is preferred, the following can belisted:

-   Thefilling causes an unexpected swelling

-   Thefilling does not give the desired result and looks bad

-   Clumpingin the area after the application

-   Failureto provide asymmetry in the filling

-   Damageto the veins

-   Toomuch filler and physical discomfort

-   Thefilling cannot reach deep tissues and stay on the surface more.

All these factors may cause the person to regret the filling applicationand to feel the need to melt the filling.

Is Filling Dissolution Effective on Every Filling?

Filling dissolution process cannot be applied on all fillings because not all fillings are based on hyaluronic acid. However, the effect of many of the existing applications can be reversed by the filling melting method. But, there is not much to be done in fillings made using synthetic or semi-synthetic materials. The only way to remove undissolved fillings is to remove these fillings with a new surgical intervention, but the process of entering a new surgery is risky in many respects. Physician expertise is of great importance in order to avoid any problems in non-melting fillings, so choosing reliable addresses before deciding on this type of filling application is of great importance for satisfaction.

How Is Filling Dissolution Done?

In order to perform the filling dissolution process, the filling in the person must be based on hyaluronic acid. In the process applied to dissolve this type of fillings, the enzyme hyaluronidase is used to break down the hyaluronic acid fibers that normally provide benefits to the skin in many ways. Hyaluronic acid, which is one of the normal building blocks of the skin, gives fullness and vitality to the appearance, but the result of the filling may be different from the expected due to incorrect studies. People who are uncomfortable with this problem are suitable for filling melting, and the steps to apply the procedure are as follows:

The hyaluronidase enzyme, which is necessary for dissolving the filling, is diluted in appropriate sizes and made ready for the process.In the meantime, anesthetic cream is applied to the person and the area is expected to numb. After the effects of anesthesia are observed, the reconstituted enzyme is injected at the appropriate dose to the person. After this procedure, the dissolution of the filling lasts for 3 to 7 days and may require a second session,

 especially in cases where the amount of filling is high. In general, filling melting work, which allows the person to become old in 2 sessions, is a reliable application. If the person wants, he/she can have a new filling process 2-3 weeks after this application, but specialists should be preferred in order to target a high success rate in new filling works.

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