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With this application, it becomes possible to reach a fuller, upright and rounded buttocks. There are some applications in hip aesthetics and which one to apply depends on the condition of the hip. The types of hip aesthetics that can be listed in this context consist of hip augmentation, hip lift and hip reduction. Considering of the hip augmentation, the buttocks are shaped and made fuller, while the sagging appearance is brought to an end by lifting the hip and large and flattened situations are eliminated by reducing the hip. 

Who Can Have Hip Aesthetics?

Anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a health condition that would prevent them from undergoing this aesthetic procedure, regardless of male or female, can have this application done.

The important point here is to consult a doctor before the application, to reveal the reasons for making this decision and to perform the operation if there is no obstacle after the examination. Although it is a process that is becoming more and more popular today, questions such as whether hip aesthetics are permanent, what are the prices of cosmetic hip augmentation, brazilian buut lift turkey price are often wondered... 

What Are The Methods Used In Hip Aesthetics?

Hip aesthetics, which can be performed with different methods, can be examined under 4 headings.

  • Butt Lifting: This method is generally used to get rid of excess skin caused by weight loss. Here, it is understood that the person loses their excess weight and loses weight dramatically. Butt lift before and after photos Turkey satisfy the people who are interested in this procedure.
  • Fat Injection Application: Fats taken from the person's own body (liposuction) are used to bulk up the buttocks. These fats are injected into the patient, so that the desired image is achieved. It is a more successful and natural method since the person's own fat tissue is removed. The point of concern here is the permanence of this method. Although almost 30% of the injected fat melts in the first 6 months, the rest will persist if weight loss is not experienced. Brazilian butt lift exercises may be recommended by the surgeon after the surgery...Brazilian butt lift Turkey price can also be asked after doctor’s examination.

Butt Implant: If there is not enough fat in the person's body to be removed, butt silicone prosthesis is applied. Thanks to these silicones, which have the same content as breast silicones, the hip can gain a much more upright and lively appearance, and if it is placed inside the muscle, it will not be noticed from the outside, even if it is touched. Butt implant before after photos and butt implant Turkey size are curious for people...

Butt Reduction Turkey: Hips with a much larger appearance than the desired size due to excess weight gain or genetic factors can be reduced by liposuction method. 

What Are The Advantages Of Hip Aesthetics?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hip aesthetics is that it helps the person regain their lost self-confidence. Apart from this, the effect is that it starts with the end of the operation, and if it is performed by a specialist plastic surgeon, a very natural result can be achieved. At the same time, the person will be able to return to his daily life in a very short time. 

What Should Be Consdered After Hip Aesthetics?

Questions such as how many hours the buttock surgery takes and how many days the buttock aesthetic heals are among the most frequently asked questions. While this surgery usually takes 2-4 hours, patients can return to their daily lives within 7-10 days. While resting in the hospital for 1 to 3 days is sufficient, it is very important that the patient is under observation during this time. 

The patient, who will be able to take a shower after 2 days, should follow the instructions given by the doctor before and after this. In addition to this, for the first 3 weeks, the patient should be careful not to sit in a way that puts pressure on the bottom and should support the bottom lightly with a pillow.

It is very important to use a corset between 3-6 weeks, the butt part of this corset is in an open state. If the fat injection method has been applied, medical massage may be recommended to the abdomen and buttocks by the doctor in the 3rd week after the operation. 

In hip aesthetics, the prosthesis is placed through incisions made from the inside of the hip. For this reason, it is very important to keep these incisions dry and clean after surgery. During the stay in the hospital, the care process is carried out by nurses and doctors. After discharge, the patient should be very meticulous in continuing this dressing process, thanks to the training given to him. The sutures used may be self-absorbable or sutures that need to be removed. Non-absorbable sutures should be removed by a doctor or nurse after 10 days. After the surgery, the patient should take care to drink plenty of water, use the prescribed medications regularly, and take long and active walks. Since smoking can prolong the healing process, its use should be reduced and if possible, it should be stopped completely.

Surgery That Can Be Combined With Hip Aesthetics

This surgical aesthetic procedure is often performed in combination with breast aesthetics. In addition, it is seen that it is also performed with surgeries such as leg liposuction and arm stretching. However, there are also surgeries that are not suitable for combining this procedure. Abdominoplasty is an example of this.

Because the post-operative care of tummy tuck aesthetics and the post-operative care of hip aesthetics are quite different from each other. In tummy tuck aesthetics, liposuction is performed less than in patients who only have liposuction. The reason for this is not to disturb the blood circulation too much. However, in order to perform hip aesthetics, it is necessary to remove how much fat there is in the abdomen, waist and back area. That's the first reason.

Another reason is that after tummy tuck surgery, patients lie in the V position, which means lying directly on the hip. However, it is very important not to lie on the hip for the first 3 weeks in buttock aesthetics. The combination of these two operations is not considered appropriate due to the two points mentioned. 

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