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What is Hip Lift?

Hip lift is an aesthetic operation applied to give the desired appearance to the buttock. After this procedure, which is usually performed using filling, the hips are brought to full and ideal proportions. Upright and rounded hips are created with aesthetics for those who do not have enough tissue in the hip area and have low hips. Hip lift, also known as butt lift, is one of the most ideal techniques for those who want to have aesthetic and correct proportions. 

What are the Hip Lift Methods?

Hip lift aesthetics applied to obtain a more attractive appearance in general; It is performed with procedures applied to different areas such as waist, hips and buttocks. In this way, the goal is to ensure that the person has the hips that best suit their body size. As a matter of fact, it is possible to remove the excess in the hip area while making the butt appear more upright and fuller with hip lift applications. Thus, different methods can be used in hip lift operations depending on the needs and body structure. The methods used to make the buttocks fuller are: 

Fat Injection

The most preferred method in hip lifting is fat injections. In this method, since the filling material is taken from different parts of the patient's own body, there are no risks such as allergy and filling rejection. The taken fillers are then added to the areas where there is tissue deficiency in the hip, and at the end of the procedure, the person is provided to have the desired body dimensions. With the fat injection method, the excesses in the areas with excess fat such as waist and belly can be removed and the butt can be filled.The fact that the process takes a short time and is effortless is the main reason why it is often preferred. At the end of the procedure, which is completed in a single session, mild pain may occur in the area, but such complaints are relieved by the use of drugs prescribed by the physician. 3-5 days after the procedure, the person can return to his routine life.

Buttock Prosthesis

There may not be enough tissue in the body of the person to enlarge the butt volume and define the hips, or the desired butt volume may be larger than expected. The most ideal method to be used in such cases is butt prosthesis applications. During the operation, an incision is made from a hidden area in the middle of the hip and a prosthesis is placed through this incision. The healing process in the buttock prosthesis is slightly more painful and longer than the fat injection, but sometimes it can be planned in combination with injection. Thus, both the buttock is clarified at the desired rate and the fat in the region is rearranged thanks to the injection application. Thus, the result obtained is much more permanent and natural. 

Butt Lift

The most ideal technique to be applied in cases where sagging is observed due to rapid and excessive weight gain or loss or aging is the butt lift and stretching process. During the procedure, excess tissues and skin in the area can be removed when necessary, and then filling is applied according to the needs of the person. After the butt lift surgery performed under general anesthesia, at least 1 night of hospitalization is recommended, and the stitches are removed after 2 weeks. Returning to daily life is longer than other applications and is completed in about 2 weeks. For this reason, there are more things to consider after the butt lift application, but it is effective and permanent in terms of results. 

Who is the Hip Lift Operation Suitable for?

Hip aesthetics is especially suitable for people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their hips and have regional problems. Those who have a flat, sagging or asymmetrical butt that has lost their form and those who have extremely small hips for their body proportions are the most ideal candidates. Those who want to have the procedure must first get the opinion of a specialist physician and learn about the details of the application. Most of the time, since individual needs, body structure and expectations from the procedure are different, changes are observed in the techniques to be applied. In this way, it is aimed to increase patient satisfaction and to gain the most natural and ideal appearance possible. On the other hand, hip lift operation is not recommended if there is a health problem that prevents anesthesia.

How is Hip Lift Surgery?

In the hip lift operation, the most appropriate technique is decided by considering the patient's condition and the current structure of the buttock. Sometimes, a combined application involving different techniques such as fat injection and prosthesis use may also be preferred. In most cases, a single session is sufficient for treatment, while the operation may take 1-2 hours depending on the technique.In surgery performed under general anesthesia, there is a certain risk of complications, as in all surgeries, and the following are recommended to minimize these risks:

  • Before the procedure, blood thinners and herbal teas with similar effects should be avoided.
  • Smoking, which increases the risk of infection, should be stopped before the procedure, until the healing is fully complete.
  • If there are medications used regularly, the physician should be informed.

Post-Surgery Recovery

The points to be considered after the butt lift process vary according to the technique applied. In the case of prosthesis use or fat injection, a medical corset should be worn for a while after the procedure.
It is recommended to consider the following issues in order to speed up the treatment and get better efficiency from the butt lift after the butt lift:

  • After the procedure, patients should not lie on their back and be extremely careful when sitting and getting up.
  • Prescribed drugs should be used regularly to relieve pain and pain complaints that occur in the first few days.
  • There is no harm in sitting after the procedure, but it is necessary to lie face down, especially in the early stage. This situation continues for the period recommended by the physician.
  • Even if the area is small, edema and bruising may be observed. These types of complaints go away on their own within a few weeks, so there is usually no need to do anything extra.
  • It is recommended to wait for at least 3 days to take a bath after the operation, during which a corset should be removed if used.
  • Those who have hip lift surgery can start light-paced walks after about 1 month, and can do heavy sports after 45 days.
  • At the end of the procedure, regular physician control is performed and accordingly, better management of the treatment process is ensured.

The butt lift process in Turkey is completed very easily and properly with the right physician selection. Choosing a physician is of great importance in terms of both choosing the right method and completing the healing quickly.

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