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What is Hydrafacial Application?

The hydrafacial method, which purifies the skin from dead skin and dirt, gives the skin the moisture it needs and thus offers a renewal. In this method, which is applied using moisturizing skin serums, the dead layer on the skin is cleaned, the pores are opened and the skin is allowed to breathe comfortably. The opening of clogged pores due to hereditary factors or external factors also helps to renew the skin. This method, which helps the skin to regenerate delicately, does not irritate the skin. The hydrafacial treatment, which removes the upper dead skin layer, cleans all the dirt in the pores with its advanced vortex technology. While cleaning the dirt, a serum containing a rich source of nutrients is applied to the body at the same time. Thanks to this serum, while preventing the refilling of the pores, it also strengthens the pores. As a method that is gentle on the skin, hydrafacial does not irritate your skin like similar methods used to remove dead skin. It can be applied to even the most sensitive skin without any problems.

What is the Hydrafacial Application Used for?

The most basic feature of the Hydrafacial application is that it is a fast and effective method. It treats the damage to the skin due to environmental factors or improper care practices applied to the skin. Conditions such as intensive and long-term make-up applications, not using products suitable for the skin, or prolonged exposure to sunlight cause the moisture balance of the skin to deteriorate. Here, the hydrafacial application is one of the rare applications that restores the moisture balance in the skin. In addition to this, conditions such as clogging of pores, acne formation, unhealthy and aged appearance due to faulty applications can also be eliminated with hydrafacial application.

Hydrafacial, which performs a deep cleaning process on the skin, rebuilds the moisture balance and is applied to eliminate all existing problems on the skin, also has the effect of eliminating the following problems:

  • Skin structure suitable for oil or acne formation,
  • Dry skin,
  • Irregularities and imbalances in skin tone,
  • Hyperpigmentation,
  • Fine lines or wrinkles,
  • Black dots,
  • Sun spots,
  • Age spots,
  • Clogged or large pores.

The hydrafacial application, which is an effective method for the treatment of all these problems, is often preferred because it is a fast method.

How is Hydrafacial Application Made?

The hydrafacial, which is a one-session procedure, is a procedure that is completed without pain or pain. This process, which does not cause cell or tissue damage, takes an average of 30 minutes and consists of the following stages:

Cleaning Phase

The first stage of the Hydrafacial application is cleansing and at this stage the skin is exfoliated. Here, a cleansing solution suitable for the skin type is used, which will soften both the skin surface and the pores and thus vacuum them.

Chemical Peeling Stage

The chemical peeling stage, which is delicate and performed without damaging the skin, is not irritating like similar methods and patients do not feel pain. The special mixture used in the peeling process is effective in cleaning even the dirt in the deepest pores.

Extraction Stage

With the extraction, also called vacuum suction, the black spots on the skin and the dirt accumulated in the pores are completely removed.

After the peeling application, vacuum suction is applied to completely remove the blackheads on the skin and the dirt inside the pores. At the end of this stage, blackheads and dirt are removed from the skin without feeling pain.

Humidification Phase

Complete purification of the skin also means that the pores lose their moisture. Thus, the lost moisture must be restored to the skin. The solution chosen for thus, the nutrients that the skin needs are also provided. The solution used in the humidification phase contains antioxidants.

A head with a radiofrequency feature completes the solution application. The said head helps the solution applied to reach the deepest points of the skin pores. This process also activates the collagen structure and starts repairing the skin.

After all these processes are completed, the nutrients are trapped in the skin with the help of a cooling cap. Thus, the permanence time of the hydrafacial application is also increased.

What Advantages Does the Hydrafacial Application Offer?

The hydrafacial application, which attracts attention because it serves many different purposes and offers a complete skin care in a single session, realizes its effects without causing tissue damage. While skin cleansing is performed in only one session, processes such as cleaning acne and blemishes, maintaining moisture balance and removing the effects of aging are also performed. It is possible to list other prominent advantages of the Hydrafacial method as follows:

Hydrafacial application should be done under the control of physicians who are experienced in performing this procedure.

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