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What Is Lipofilling?

Lipofilling is the process of transferring fatty tissue from one part of the body to the desired area. This procedure, which is used for cosmetic purposes, is preferred by those who want to have perfect and fuller facial features. Lipofilling, which has long been used in plastic surgery, is used in various procedures such as healing surgical wounds, removing pits in the skin and opening various skin adhesions. This procedure, which is usually performed under local anaesthesia and aims to remove deformities, is one of the best options for those who want to look young and fresh.

In What Areas Is Lipofilling Used?

Since lipofilling is used for cosmetic purposes, it is used in the facial area. Lipofilling can be applied to different areas of the face such as the nose, cheekbones and chin. It aims to remove deformities in these areas and give the required volume. It can also be preferred for lips and eyelids, as well as for breast augmentation. Lipofilling, which simultaneously fulfils various aesthetic needs, can also be used in other surgeries performed with fat grafting, such as the treatment of leg diseases.

Lipofilling is a cosmetic procedure used to add volume to desired areas of the body using the fat grafting method. The general purpose of this procedure can be listed as follows:

Каковы преимущества липофилинга?

Lipofilling is a procedure that is performed in a short time and shows ideal results. Apart from cosmetic applications, it is also used in other situations that require fat grafting. The main advantages of this process are :

Как выполняется липофилинг?

Lipofilling is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Before the procedure, it is decided from which area the required amount of tissue will be taken, and the application of tissue is started accordingly. Firstly, a sufficient amount of tissue is taken from the area with excess fat, after which the area to be transplanted must be kept immobile to increase tissue compatibility. Immobility for 1-2 days is ideal to maximise the effectiveness of the procedure. Tissues filled with special injections are transferred to the transplant area. After the procedure, the quality of the skin in this area improves, its colour improves, and a rejuvenation effect is observed. In addition, the skin becomes bright and fresh. Since the injected adipose tissue is rich in stem cells, after the procedure, the process of tissue formation in the area of transplantation is triggered. Thus, there are positive results such as increased volume, tension and improved elasticity of the skin.

    With the help of lipofilling can improve the overall appearance, make the face more lively and fresh. However, as with any aesthetic procedure, the success of lipofilling depends on the skill level of the doctor. Going to the right doctor helps to achieve the best results.

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