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What is Nose Filling?

The process of making the nose aesthetic without surgery, which is performed by injection of skin filling materials, is called nose filling. Since it is a simpler procedure than rhinoplasty, it has become more preferred in recent years. With the application of the filling material, the nose becomes more symmetrical, more raised and more compatible with the face. At the same time, curvatures and minor deformities can be eliminated by nasal filling. The nose filling process can be applied for the following purposes:

If there are severe deformities in the nose or if the volume of the nose is desired to be reduced, then nose surgery is required instead of nasal filling. During nasal filling, hyaluronic acid or oil taken from the patient is used. It is an extremely simple procedure with minimal risk factors.

How is Nose Filling Made?

During the nasal filling procedure, patients do not feel severe pain or pain. The steps followed during the process are:

  • - A local anesthetic cream is applied to the area where the procedure will be performed and it is waited for 15-20 minutes for it to become numb.
  • - The area is sterilized with an antiseptic solution.
  • - Injections are made to the area in doses deemed necessary.
  • The nose filling process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After the procedure, the patient can return to his daily life immediately.

    The duration of permanence is 2 years on average. On the other hand, nasal filling is not suitable for every person. For instance, nasal filling is not recommended for patients in the following group:

    After the patient has decided on the nose filling procedure, the necessary study on how the nose will look at the end of the procedure is carried out between the patient and the doctor.

    What are the Advantages of Nose Filling?

    Nasal filling is a simple and risk-free procedure as it is not a surgical procedure. It is possible to list the other advantages it has brought as follows:

    Thanks to all these advantages, nasal filling has been widely preferred by women in recent years. It is useful to say that without forgetting: Nose filling does not correct the health problems that occur in the nose, it is a procedure performed only for aesthetic purposes. The application should be carried out by a specialist and experienced physician.

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