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Unfortunately, the fat is not proportional in the body. Although it varies from person to person, hips in women, navel circumference in men, legs, back, waist and areas that we call love handle and both breasts and chest side walls are the main areas of the fat build up.Especially belly fat is among the causes of diabetes mellitus, which is known as diabetes in humans. This is due to insulin resistance in the body. Insulin is the hormone released into the blood by the pancreas and is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar. Insulin resistance occurs mostly in adipose tissue. Therefore, excessive fat in the body causes diabetes. As a result, vascular occlusions called atherosclerosis may occur. Heart attacks, various kidney and liver diseases, delayed wound healing and infections are the main diseases.

People can get rid of some of their fat with diet. However, it may not be easy to get rid of adipose tissue. The most effective way to get rid of fat tissues, especially for the above-mentioned areas, is the liposuction. With this method, the adipose tissue under the skin can be removed with an aspirator that provides negative air pressure. 

The liposuction method is the removal of the subcutaneous adipose tissue from the body by entering with a cannula through an incision of approximately 0,5 cm in the skin. Before this procedure, liquid is given under the skin. The purpose of this procedure is to facilitate the separation of adipose tissue from each other and to minimize the amount of bleeding. The amount of bleeding is reduced with the help of various drugs placed in this liquid. The oldest known method is classical liposuction using only an aspirator and cannula. But today, methods have been developed that allow this adipose tissue to be removed faster and easier. One of them is the Vaser Liposuction method. 

With the vaser liposuction method, first of all, ultrasonic waves are sent between the adipose tissue with a cannula. In this way, adipose tissue cells are separated from each other and become liquid. Then, with the help of an aspirator, it is re-entered under the skin and the liquidized adipose tissue is taken out of the body. In this way, the fat tissue will be taken out of the body more easily. In other methods, the adipose tissue is taken in pieces, not in liquid form. In this way, there will be more nodular structures under the skin. Leaving the nodular tissues under the skin will not satisfy the patient in terms of aesthetics. In addition, an unnecessary second surgery may be required. 

Compared to other methods, vaser liposuction will allow the patient to return to normal life faster due to less bruising, swelling and pain. This will enable the patient to feel better and psychologically motivated and make it possible for the recovery process to be faster. In this method, nodular structures that can be seen after the operation, that is, small lumps, are not seen due to the melting of the fat tissue with ultrasound waves.This method can be applied with local anesthesia and light sedation if the area to be liposuction is small. If the area is very large, it will be appropriate to perform the operation under general anesthesia.  

If the operation is performed with general anesthesia, patient is asked to spend the night in the hospital. Nausea and vomiting may occur due to post-operative anesthesia. These complaints will decrease with the drugs given. Approximately 2 hours after the operation, if the patient does not have any medical problems and have no complaints such as nausea and vomiting, then consuming water is allowed.

If the patient feels well and complaints of anesthesia have passed, he/she is asked to stand up and walk a little within 4 hours. As after every surgery, patients after liposuction should walk at the earliest hour, unless there is a situation that prevents walking.

The more movement there is, the shorter the recovery time will be. In this way, the blood flow rate in the veins will increase and there will be no problem such as blockage. Another problem encountered after surgery is anemia. If the amount of adipose tissue taken is excessive, the structure that carries oxygen in the blood, which we call hemoglobin in the blood, will decrease accordingly.

In this case, the most common condition in patients is dizziness. This problem will be eliminated with the blood transfusion which is within the framework of the precautions taken before the surgery.

The fluids given from the entrance hole of the liposuction cannulas after the surgery will come out of these holes again. This will continue for 1 to 3 days, depending on the amount of liposuction fluid given. Patients are informed about this in advance. In this way, the patient will be prevented from distress.After the surgery, patients can be discharged the next day. The corset that is dressed after the surgery should be used for a minimum of 6 weeks and should be kept on, except in mandatory cases. With this corset worn, the body lines in the liposuction area will have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and this image will not disappear after the subcutaneous wounds heal. 

The most important issue is that the patients should pay attention to their diet later in life. If the excess calorie intake occurs, then it will cause excess fat tissue in the body again. Therefore, patients should pay attention to their exercises and diets, especially should avoid high-carbohydrate diets. Exercising is also very important for the patient so that the new body structure is not lost. Post-operative edema will last up to about 3 weeks. During this period, patient's intake of plenty of fluids helps to remove the edema formed in the body during this period. 

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