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Breast Augmentation Surgeries

  • Downward sagging due to a decrease in breast volume and relaxation of connective tissues
  • To correct the disproportion in the body lines, especially the hip-breast ratio in women who think their breasts are small
  • Breast growth during breast growth due to pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • To reproduce the breast in various situations (eg after breast cancer surgery, lack of congenital breast)
  • Asymmetry between two breasts (one big one is small)
  • Breast enlargement surgery can be performed if breast tissue does not grow to the desired extent and disturb the person.

Breast Augmentation at a glance

Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Duration: 1-2 hour

Stay: 2-day hospital 4-day hotel

Anesthesia: General

Recovery: 7 days

Scar: under the breast, armpit, the nipple

Results: final result 3-6 months

Methods Used In Breast Augmentation

It determines the magnification of the breasts according to the physician, the patient’s expectations, the condition of the current breast structure, and the condition of the body and chest measurements. The breast prosthesis will not be enough alone and it will need to be combined with a breast lift operation. In breast enlargement surgeries there are three methods used in the general title;

  • Silicone breast prostheses
  • Fat injection
  • Filling material injection. 

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I had congenital breast asymmetry. I appreciate my doctor’s help for my problem. I am grateful to my dear doctor and his assistant Ms Inci. They helped me with anything, answered all my questions, was able to reach them whenever I wanted 

Breast Augmentation - Review

Silicone Breast Prostheses

Silicone breast prostheses are the most common and most promising method used in breast augmentation surgery. People often resort to different methods of breast enlargement with the idea that silicone prostheses are harmful. Massages, gels, creams, etc. While such methods are not effective, they are often even more harmful because of the chemicals they contain. There is no conclusive evidence yet regarding the health hazards of silicone breast prostheses. However, since their production and use are not based on very old dates, researches are still going on today. Silicone breast prostheses are divided into three in terms of shape, content, and surface structure. 

1. Shape

  • Drop (Anatomical) Prosthesis
  • Round Denture

The round prostheses are hemispherical and when placed in the chest they form fullness in the upper pole. If the breast tissue is not enough in the upper pole of the person, these prostheses are more preferred.

Drop prostheses as the name suggests are in drop shape and shape is very suitable for the shape of the chest. When placed, they form fullness on the lower chest. However, if the upper pole is not enough, these prostheses are not preferred. Your physician will give you the right way after the necessary measurements.

2. Content

  • Silicon Content
  • Physiological Content of Saline

In terms of content, silicone prostheses are examined in two groups. Both are covered with a silicone sheath. However, they are divided into two groups as silicone-containing saline or saline.

3. Surface Structure

  • Rough Surface
  • Flat Surface

 When the surface structure is examined, the prostheses are divided into two groups as flat and rough prosthesis. Although the formation of capsules is said to be less than the formation of pebbled surfaces, this possibility has not yet been determined. In addition, the most important and the largest cause of capsule formation is the reaction of the body to foreign bodies taken from the outside.

Fat Injection

Breast augmentation technique, which is one of the methods of breast enlargement, has not yet become a standard technique. It is a short, incision-free simple process consisting of liposuction of the fat located on both sides of the abdomen, leg, and abdomen and taking it through sterile environments from special centrifuge devices. This method is used for breasts that need very little volume. In addition, hyaluronic acid materials used for the filling can be used. However, due to the risk of reaction, it should be used only in small amounts.  

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

You need to share your medication with your doctor before the operation, you may need to cut it before the operation.

If you smoke a cigarette, 3 weeks or 3 months before, smoking cessation will improve the quality of your wound healing; It will make your waking period more comfortable after surgery.

If you have just given birth, it is appropriate to have an operation after an average of 9 months of breastfeeding.

Where the implant is placed on your breasts, there will be an incision in the part where it is placed. After this incision, there will be a trace called a scar. Your track may become vague at the end of a year.

The initial examination is important at the time of application. The person should explain all the expectations of the physician and make common decisions with the physician. Therefore, the first physical examination is very important.

The physician will choose the most appropriate technique for the skin structure, age, and body of the person and make common decisions with the patient.

The surgery can be performed at the age of 18 years when the person completes his / her body development. If this surgery is planned over the age of 40, mammography breast USG should be taken and evaluated.

After the Surgery

  • Your resting period is 3-4 days. One night is enough to stay in the hospital. It is safe to start after 4 days.
  • The numbness between the 6th and 12th months after the operation is normal. This period needs to be filled in to make your feelings return to normal.
  • You will have pain that can be managed with painkillers on the first day of surgery. Then, with the painkillers recommended by your doctor, you can get through the pain slightly.

You will wear a corset without a post after the operation and you should use this corset for 3 weeks. Then it is recommended to use a bra without a post in the first six weeks. 

During the first few weeks, heavy exercises should be avoided and short walks should be made. 


Upper-Lower Age Limits in Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can be applied to anyone who has no health problems in the 18 years of age when breast tissue develops and grows. In this surgery, it would not be right to talk about an upper age limit. Every woman who gives her health can benefit from this operation. However, it is better to perform health screening tests such as mammography breast USG in women over 40 years of age.

From where the prosthesis is placed?

There are 4 different entry points in breast augmentation operations. These can be 4-5 cm in length, the incision of the nipple around the nipple, and the incision below the nipple and rarely the navel. Each of these may have separate advantages and disadvantages. The surgeon, in the preoperative examination of the patient’s body shape and structure; determines the location of the prosthesis according to the amount of breast tissue and the elastic properties of the breast skin.

Life of silicone breast prosthesis

Under normal conditions, the prosthesis used during breast augmentation surgery is not expected to be punctured. However, silicas can be punctured and exploded by gunshot wounds, or by penetration of penetrating or penetrating objects, or by injury. Silicone breast prostheses have no definite life. There are several different elements that determine the life of these prostheses. The prosthesis can be removed one month later due to the problems that occur after the silicone prostheses are installed and can be used for life without any problems.

Is Breast Sagging possible after breast enlargement?

The likelihood of sagging in small breasts is almost negligible, but breast tissue may hang over the prosthesis even though the location of the silicone prosthesis does not change over time, as the breast tissue already has a certain proportion of breast tissue in patients with breastfeeding. In such cases, the breasts are suspended by the breast lift operation and the desired image is achieved.

Duration of Surgery and Anesthesia

The surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. After a certain period of the night before the operation, drinking is stopped. On the day of surgery or earlier, the anesthesiologist will need to see and evaluate the person. The anesthesia doctor will ask you for the surgery. 

Is silicone prosthesis an obstacle to breastfeeding?

In breast surgeries, implants, ie, silicone prostheses, are placed under the breast glands with milk channels. This way, mothers can breastfeed their babies without any difficulty. 

How is the size of the prosthesis decided?

Although the person does not have the size of the breast, the contours are clear. The contour is the area where the nozzle is seated. By measuring these area diameters, it is decided which diameter of the prosthesis will be used. Then, the projection of the breast, the forward side of the projection of the patient and physician decide together to determine the size of the prosthesis. In addition, this size is decided by considering the person’s skin elasticity and body structure. 

Can Breast prosthesis trigger cancer?

This is a topic that has been debated for many years, but the most recent research that has been unexplained by a specialist for cancer has not revealed the relationship between silicone prosthesis and direct cancer. However, studies on this issue still continue.

Can I choose my own shape of my silicone prosthesis?

Silicone prostheses are divided into two as drop and round. The shape of the prosthesis of the patient;·

  • Breast size,
  • Breast structure,
  • The degree of sagging of the nozzle,
  • Breast shape,
  • Structure of the rib cage,depends on these above.

What is Breast Implant Surgery?

Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant surgery or Breast Enlargement surgery in general terms is a cosmetic surgery aiming to enlarge natural breast which could not complete its development or smaller breasts as a result of different reasons such as the long-term effect of breastfeeding or weight loss.

Nowadays, breast implant surgery or breast augmentation, or breast enlargement operations are performed frequently and women who have smaller natural breast size or want their breast volume to be bigger can get great results.

Who requires Breast Implant surgery?

Although the concept of beauty varies greatly according to cultural and social structures, recently proportional body lines have been seen as the first criteria for beauty. A proportional body line of a person may not always have plump breast volume, however by silicone breast implant surgery, a proportional body line with a plumper breast volume is easy to achieve. Candidates should not forget to consult a plastic surgeon who is experienced and uses high-quality silicone breast implant for breast enhancement.

The adequately sized, equally plump breast volume and symmetric and non-sagging breasts make the female body look beautiful as a whole. However, as a result of the long-term effect of giving birth/births, weight gain or weight loss, hormonal disorders, and genetic features may lead to differences in the size of the breasts, bigger or smaller breasts, or breast sagging. In those cases, women can consult a plastic surgeon who can perform breast enhancement surgery with a high-quality silicone breast implant. After breast enlargement surgery the results are satisfying.

To sum up, breast implant surgery is required by women who have

  • Shrinkage and sagging of the breast after giving birth and breastfeeding
  • The disproportion of shape and size of the breast as a result of hormonal disorders
  • The disproportion of shape and size of the breast as a result of weight loss or weight gain
  • Genetic factors: Natural breast size
  • Feeling incomplete or insecure with the shape and size of the small breasts 

What is the process before breast implant surgery?

Before breast implant surgery, a candidate should search well about her plastic surgeon. A physical examination by the plastic surgeon is necessary. Preoperative examinations and measurements are very important in decision-making because each shape and size of the breast depends. Not only the shape and size of the breast of the candidate are important but also the height, chest structure, skin structure, sagging of the breast/breasts should be known by the plastic surgeon for correct planning for the breast implant surgery. Therefore, each breast is treated in its use case.

Some routine tests should breast implant surgery. The plastic surgeon should check if any health problems may interfere with breast implant surgery. The plastic surgeon should be informed in detail about the stheethe hat the patient uses, whether the person has any diseases or not, and the previous operations.

Who is a good candidate for breast implant surgery?

The approximate age limit starts from 18 years for breast implant surgery. Breast and body development are completed for around 18 years. For breast implant surgery breast and body, development is required. Women over 40 years or older should have mammography and breast ultrasound before breast augmentation surgery.

After having the tests, they should consult their plastic surgeon and evaluate the situation with the surgeon before breast implant surgery. There is no upper age limit for surgery. Any woman who does not have any health issues that may interfere with the operation can have breast implant surgery.

What surgical techniques are there?

There are a couple of reasons that women lose their eighth loss and breastfeeding. In this case, the missing breast volume can be regained by breast implant surgery. There are some surgical techniques for this.

The first surgical technique is breast enhancement with the own adipose tissue of the breast. This surgical technique may be sufficient for breast enhancement that requires a little enlargement. However, a common method for breast enhancement is a silicone breast implant. A silicone breast implant can be placed from several different places.

which are:

  • Armpit
  • Under the breast
  • the nipple

A breast implant is placed under the breast tissue or the muscle tissue through a small incision. Placing silicone breast implant under-breast tissue or under-muscle tissue depends on the lack or abundance of the woman’s breast tissue. Each surgical technique should be considered per person. A candidate should ask the plastic surgeon for the options and which surgical technique is more suitable for her.

Does silicone breast implant trigger breast cancer?

This question has been a controversial issue for many years, but none of the specialists has declared that silicone breast implant causes breast cancer. Also, recent researches didn't reveal any direct relation between silicone breast implant and breast cancer. However, studies and researches regarding breast cancer and silicone breast implant are still carried on.

Women who have doubts about having breast enhancement surgery or breast cancer suspicion should consult the plastic surgeon directly before breast implant surgery. Patients over 40 years old should have mammography before the surgery to feel comfortable with silicone breast implant surgery. 

How is breast implant surgery performed?

Breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Breast implant surgery can be performed within 45 minutes-1 hour. After consulting and deciding which surgical technique is more suitable for the patient, the implant is placed whether under the breast tissue or muscle tissue. The scar place depends on the surgical technique and from where the silicone breast implant is pared are are are laced. 

What types of implants are there?

There are two types of implants

  • Round implant
  • TearDrop implant (anatomical)

Teardrop implants look more alike to the natural breast as appearance because the nipple and the part below are full. Teardrop implants are the most preferred silicone breast implant when the patient has very little breast tissue.

However, the most suitable silicone breast implant for the body structure of the woman can be determined by the plastic surgeon during the examinations. At this point, the plastic surgeon doctor and the patient should make a decision together.

Types of implants are produced in different width, length height combinations so that it is possible to find the right silicone breast implant for everybody. The shape and size of the breast silicone implant should be decided according to the desire and expectations of the patient and the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 

When is it possible to get back to Daily life after breast implant surgery?

Patients can return home one day after surgery. For a few days after surgery, the patient may have pain but it can be relieved with painkillers. They can return to daily life within a week or 2 weeks after surgery.

For the first 3 weeks after surgery, the patients should avoid heavy lifting. For 3 weeks after surgery, the patient should wear the garment that is supplied for them. Between 3-6 weeks after surgery, the patient is free to wear sports bras. 6 weeks after the surgery, the patient is free to wear any kind of bra.

For 6-8 weeks after surgery, the scars mustn't be exposed to sunlight directly. This precaution is important for long-term recovery from the scar.

If the silicone breast implant is placed under the muscle, it will cause tension on the muscle. So, returning to daily life 2-3 weeks after surgery is more difficult than the breast enhancement surgery that the breast implant placed under the breast tissue. 

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