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Face Prosthesis

Oral disorders, along with aesthetic as well as functional discomfort. The absence of a portion of the upper jaw, especially in the upper jaw disorders, can cause problems such as speech, chewing, and food coming from above. The use of a moving prosthesis in the absence of teeth in the lower jaw disorders is very difficult for the patient.

Facial areas such as the nose, ear, and eye loss also bring the aesthetics of the patient to suffer. Occasionally, these disorders may also lead to aesthetic and functional disturbances in a wider area, accompanied by intraoral disorders.

Due to these disorders in the jaw and face area, there is a great decline in the quality of life of the patient. 

Prosthetic Treatment

Prosthetic treatment of such disorders is the preferred reason for the short duration and less trauma of the patient. These prostheses are made of silicone elastomers and the tissues lost by the patient are applied to the patient in a harmonious manner in terms of shape and color as possible. Aesthetic problems are overcome as much as possible by these prostheses which the patient can insert and remove.

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