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In which situations is the Lamine tooth preferred?

Lamine teeth; the irregularities in the front teeth region, the surface abrasions of various reasons, the colour problem of the teeth, the integrity of colour and shape that can not be achieved due to the large filling, and the lack of aesthetic appearance of the tooth/gum view at the laughing line. 

Lamine Teeth Treatment

When planning is done, it is decided how to prepare the teeth by checking the position of the teeth and the relation with the other teeth. In most cases, there is a pre-work called mock-up. It is a study aiming to give information about how to look about the work to be done and it is applied to the teeth in the mouth with a temporary material which can be removed easily.  

The patient and the doctor decide together and start the treatment process. It is an aesthetic work with some cases where direct measurement can be taken without preparation, and some preparations may be necessary for the teeth as well as in the gums.  

Porcelain laminate (Lamine tooth) is prepared in a laboratory environment by working very sensitively with a special technique and special material. Lamine is glued to this job with special bonding materials. Since only porcelain is used, it is like a natural tooth in terms of light transmittance. For this reason, it gives a very aesthetic result.  

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