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Tooth Decay

If tooth decay is detected in oral examinations or in initial stages in radiological examinations, it can only be treated with a filler. The tooth parts can be cleaned and the missing parts can be filled with filling. Fillings can be made with single seanstant filling materials as well as by taking measurements and bonding them to the teeth in the laboratory environment.

However, if the treatment is delayed, caries continuing to progress through the tooth affect the dental nerve. It may cause severe sensitivities and pain. In such a case, root canal treatment is necessary. First, the affected nerve tissue is removed from the canal and the canal is cleaned and shaped. Fill with appropriate channel filler materials. Then the part of the tooth in the mouth is filled with a filling or covering. 

Root Canal Treatment

Serious inflammation may develop around and around the root when the decay treatment is delayed further. In such a case, duct treatment is performed to improve the inflammation of the root of the tooth.

It is always the first purpose to keep the tooth alive without treatment. 

Sometimes, however, even if very advanced bruises are tried to be treated with fillings, there may be irreversible damage to the femoral nerve and still require duct treatment afterwards. Reducing the thread for the coating can also result in the need for duct treatment to result in a strong impact on the tooth or squeezing / grinding teeth. 

In cases where the desired healing cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to replace the canal treatment. The most important factor here is the difference in the anatomical structure of the tooth.

Failure to use appropriate materials, inadequate shaping and inadequate filling are also factors of failure. In this case, it is necessary to clean the existing channel filler and refill it. A tooth with root canal treatment is not lost, but canal therapy is a treatment to keep the tooth in the mouth. 

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