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Frontal Hairline Drawing for DHI Hair Transplant

Frontal hairline drawing is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation. Because the front hairline is an important factor that not only affects the appearance of the person but also affects the mood and psyche. The drawing of the front hairline, how much hair density will be, the shape of the recesses and protrusions of the front hairline will be should be done by a specialized doctor in the clinic. 

DHI Techniques at a glance

Treatment: Saphire FUE Hair Transplant

Duration: 6-8 hours (depending on the greft number)

Accommodation: 3 days at hotel

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia (dermojet-sedation)

Recovery: 2-4 (primer scar recovery)

Scars: No trace, no scar 

Results: final results 10-14 months

Pain: Minimal

How Long Does It Take For The Receiving Area To Recover?

The first 1-2 days are recovery period of the receiving area. The patient should follow the doctor's instructions during this period. On the third day, the patient should wash his hair and do some hair care as the doctor described.

The scabs in the donor and receiving area begin to fall off after 6-7 days of hair wash. After two weeks after the operation, the donor and receiving areas will be recovered completely and there will be no scars or traces left at all. 

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Hair Transplant

When Do Hair Transplant Results Appear?

Some of the hair that has been transplanted might shed within 3-6 weeks after hair transplantation. This is an expected situation, so patients should not worry about it because the falling part of the hair is not the root. 

Hair roots remain under the skin, and new hair starts to grow from the existing hair follicles approximately 2,5-3 months after transplanting. This process can last for up to one year.

The period between eight months to one year after hair transplantation is the best period to evaluate the result of hair transplantation. 

The hair becomes thicker starting from the day of hair transplantation and the thickness of the new hair becomes closer to the thickness of the hair in the donor area.

The patient does not need to have extra special care for the transplanted hair. The new hair can easily be cut, washed, shaped, dyed, etc. 

What Are The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant?

The most important advantage of the DHI hair transplant technique is that there is no trace or scar of hair transplantation due to the single extraction of the follicles. The places from where the roots are removed recover between 24-48 hours after hair transplantation for the DHI technique.

Since there is no scar left after the operation, it is possible for the patient to keep his hair short. 

Hair Analysis And Pre-Examination

Each person who want to have a hair transplant operation should have a general medical examination first. During the examination, whether the patient has any chronic disease and allergies to any drugs or not is detected, it is learnt about any previous surgical operations. After the examination, the suitability of the patient for hair transplant is determined according to the results of a detailed clinical examination and hair analysis. During hair analysis, the doctor tries to find out the cause of hair loss. 

In order to find out the cause of hair loss, some blood tests are done and the patient’s medical history is reviewed. After reviewing the results of the blood analysis and the medical history of the patient and making sure that the patient does not have any systemic diseases, the doctor examines the donor area. The doctor checks the number of follicles in the donor area. 

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