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What is Regional Fat Removal? Why is it done?

The surgical procedure that is applied to people who have excess fat tissue in certain parts of their body and cannot get rid of this fat tissue with slimming methods, is called regional fat removal or liposuction. Regional fat removal, which is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operations, especially by women, can be applied to anyone who has excess fat tissue due to a sedentary lifestyle or eating habits, but does not have problems such as obesity. The regions where regional liposuction can be applied are:

  • - Outer thighs and rarely inner thighs
  • - Especially the lateral parts of the waist region,
  • - Hip area,
  • - Abdominal region in cases such as protrusion in the navel and overflow of fat near the navel,
  • - Upper and lower arms,
  • - Inner region of the knees,
  • - Back and rarely upper back
  • - Bra strap areas in the chest area,
  • - Back of neck,
  • - Lower and upper legs,
  • - Cheeks.

Regional fat removal can generally be defined as the surgical removal of excess fat accumulated in certain parts of the body. However, in unusual cases such as pregnancy or constant weight gain, regional liposuction does not have a permanent effect. For instance, skin sagging or cellulite-like problems that occur after birth cannot be solved by regional liposuction. On the other hand, although regional fat removal is not a definitive solution in cellulite formation, it can be ensured that the skin has a more beautiful and firmer appearance. In addition to this, if problems such as skin sagging have occurred in people who constantly gain and lose weight, in this case, tummy tuck procedures can be applied in addition to regional fat removal.

 If it is desired to have a permanent effect with regional liposuction, then people should gain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly after the procedure.

How is Regional Liposuction Performed?

In the regional liposuction process, first of all, the patient and the doctor determine the regions where the fat will be removed, and the regions where the procedure will be performed are marked before the operation. Before the operation, an injection is performed both to numb the area where the operation will be performed and to harden the operation area and make it suitable for the procedure. The procedures to be applied immediately after the operation differ according to the method to be used during the operation. Although the steps to be followed in the methods to be applied are different, they are generally as follows:

What are the Methods Used in Regional Fat Removal?

The continuous development of health technologies has led to an increase in the number of methods used in regional liposuction. The methods used in regional fat removal are as follows, according to the frequency of use:

Vacuum Assisted Liposuction (SAL): A specially prepared liquid mixture is injected to numb and harden the area before the application. Cannulas with a diameter of 3 mm are inserted into the incisions with a diameter of 2 mm, and fat extraction is performed. The application can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Ultrasonic Liposuction (UAL): It is a simpler procedure when compared to the SAL method. Fat cells to be removed are targeted and sound waves are used to get rid of excess fat. The most important reason underlying the efficiency of the application is that the procedure is carried out without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL): PAL method is used when the application area is wider. Specially moving cannulas are used to remove excess adipose tissue.

Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL): In the WAL method, water is injected under the skin to slurry the fats and pull them out using cannulas.

Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL): In the RFAL method, firstly, fat extraction is performed using the classical vacuum method, and then the skin has a much more taut appearance by heating the skin using laser.

The method to be used differs according to the patient's condition, the area where the liposuction will be applied, and the width of the area. The method to be used is decided by the physician, taking into account the patient's expectations.

What are the Advantages of Regional Fat Removal?

The regional liposuction process basically provides the advantage of removing the bad image on the body and creating a much more aesthetic appearance. Other prominent advantages of regional liposuction can be listed as follows:

  • - Imbalances between the lower and upper body can be eliminated,
  • - Since problems in the body affect even the way of dressing, patients have a higher self-confidence and a better social life,
  • - Body fat that cannot be removed by diet or exercise is removed quickly and precisely,
  • - Edema and swelling in the body are eliminated,
  • - The body's muscle mass index and the distribution of fat become balanced.

Thanks to all these advantages, regional liposuction has been one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operations for many years.

Things to Know About Regional Liposuction

The information we have given above gives a general idea about the regional liposuction process. If you want to have a regional liposuction, there may be a few different information you need to know. We can list this information as follows:

If you have not been able to get rid of your excess fat by dieting or regular exercise, then regional liposuction is a method you can apply. You can get rid of your excess fat quickly and effectively with the preference of an experienced and expert physician.

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