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What is Arm Lift Aesthetics?

The upper partof the arm after the elbow is called the biceps. Many different reasons,especially aging, can cause sagging of the skin in the biceps area. The skin inthe area that has lost its elasticity creates an uncomfortable appearance. Thesaggy skin, which becomes more noticeable when short-sleeved clothes are wornor when the arm is lifted, makes people feel bad with its unaestheticappearance. Thus, somepeople may want to change their clothing preferences. In order to avoid theneed for such lifestyle changes, the most ideal method is to apply for arm liftaesthetics. Arm lift surgery, also called brachioplasty and tightening theskin, removes sagging in the biceps area.

Situations Where Arm Lift Aesthetics is Required

Arm skin sagging, which is an obstacle to wearing sleeveless clothes or when the arms are opened to both sides, are the most basic reasons for applying for arm lift aesthetics. Even though the sagging in question arises due to many different factors, these saggings cannot usually be removed with sports. Both skin and subcutaneous tissue are looser in the back and inner parts of the arm compared to other parts of the arm. Thus, sagging first occurs in this section. In some cases, fat accumulation can be seen along with sagging. This situation, which also disturbs people emotionally and psychologically because it makes the physical appearance defective, can be eliminated with arm lift aesthetics. Individuals continue their lives much more confident and happy after the operation.

Preparation Process Before Arm Lift Aesthetics

The proceduresapplied before arm lift aesthetics are similar to the procedures in otheraesthetic operations. Firstly, as a result of the doctor's examination and analyzes, it should bedetermined that the patient does not have an obstacle to this operation.Patients should warn the surgeons who will perform the operation about thedrugs they use or the chronic diseases they have. If the decision for surgeryhas been made, the patient should not eat or drink anything 6 hours before theoperation as he will receive anesthesia. If there are blood thinners used atthe same time, the use of these drugs should be limited under the supervisionof a doctor.

Which Methods Are Used in Arm Lift Aesthetics?

Factors such asthe patient's age, condition and the size of the operation to be performed aredeterminative in the decision to perform the operation under general anesthesiaor local anesthesia. If local anesthesia is used, the surgery is usuallycompleted in a short time and the patients recover quickly. In such cases, thepatient is likely to be discharged on the same day. However, in cases wheregeneral anesthesia is applied, it is recommended that the patient stay in thehospital for 1 night, as it will take a long time for people to recover.

How the saggingoccurs is important in determining the surgical method. The sags can betransverse, longitudinal or both ways. If the sagging occurred onlytransversely, it is much easier to hide the surgical scars. Of course, as longas you look carefully, there will be minimal traces that cannot be seen. Anyoneover the age of 18 can request arm lift surgery, but people who prefer theoperation are usually in the 40-50 age group. In arm lift aesthetics, twodifferent methods can be applied, surgical and non-surgical.

Things to Consider About Eyelid Aesthetics

Even though the permanence period of eyelid aesthetics is considered to be 7-8 years, it may extend up to 10-15 years depending on the lifestyle of the person. Other important details that patients should know about eyelid aesthetics are as follows:

-  Edema, bruising or leakage are the most commoncomplications in eyelid aesthetics. However, when evaluated in general, eyelidaesthetics is a risk-free and safe operation. Edema and bruising go away ontheir own over time.

-  In very rare cases, infections that may causevisual disturbances may occur.

-  Redness and swelling after the operationusually begin to heal after 3 days. Decreased disappearance may take up to 1week.

-  The average time for patients to return totheir daily lives is 3 days.

-  If patients feel pain, this can be controlledwith mild pain relievers or cold compresses.   

Eyelidaesthetics helps individuals achieve a healthy, youthful and aestheticappearance. Of course, in this process, the choice of specialist physician isof great importance.

Non-SurgicalArm Lift Aesthetics

It is aprocedure performed by fat injection (liposuction) method. No surgicalintervention or incision is required. Thus, there is no such thing as scarring after theoperation. In the liposuction method, which is a comfortable method, patientsdo not feel pain. The fat injection method, which is mostly preferred in lightsagging, is not preferred in cases where the level of sagging is high

Operative ArmLift Aesthetics

Surgicalintervention is required in cases where the sagging of the arm skin is too muchand the fat injection is not sufficient. The surgical method can be usedtogether with fat injection. An L-shaped incision is made on the inside of thearm of the patient who is under general anesthesia, and excess fat is removedwith the liposuction method. Aesthetic sutures are placed on the openedincision. Depending on the application area and the condition of the patient,the operation time is approximately 1 to 3 hours.

Recovery Process After Arm Lift Aesthetics

During arm lift surgeryperformed under anesthesia, patients do not feel any pain or discomfort. It isnormal to feel mild pain after the surgery and the pain can be controlled withsimple painkillers. With the use of antibiotics, which will be recommended bythe doctor, the complaints of the patients such as pain or aching graduallydecrease. When deemed necessary by the doctor, a drain can be inserted toprevent blood and fluid accumulation in the area. Drain application is usuallyapplied for 2-3 times. When the blood and fluid accumulation is removed, thedrain is removed. After the drain is removed, a few days are enough for thepatients to return to their daily life.

As in everyoperation, the patients' attention to some issues accelerates the healingprocess after arm lift aesthetics. These are:

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