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What is Brow Lift?

Eyebrows are important structures that give meaning to the face and are different from other structures on the face in terms of appearance. The structure and shape of the eyebrows are determined congenitally, but over time, changes in the fat and connective tissues and bones under the eyebrows can cause eyebrow droop problems. Such problems, which damage the aesthetic appearance, can also cause the eyebrows to gather on the eyelid, negatively affecting the quality of vision, and cause the person to lose self-confidence. One of the eyebrow lifting techniques can be preferred to eliminate such sagging problems in the eyebrows. Therefore, the feeling of heaviness on the eyes is eliminated and the facial appearance is refreshed.

When Is Brow Lift in Turkey Required?

Brow lift; In general, it is a simple and practical procedure, so it can be applied to anyone without any health problems.

  • It is preferred for purposes such as getting rid of deepening frown lines,
  • eliminating forehead wrinkles,
  • bringing low eyebrows to an ideal position,
  • getting rid of the tired and old expression of the face,
  • and eliminating vision problems due to eyebrows gathered on the eyelids.

Eyebrow lift operations in Turkey can be offered in full packages or individually. All-inclusive packages are very advantageous as it covers all procedures during the operation, accommodation costs, transfer fees and additional requirements such as auxiliary clothing.

What are Eyebrow Lift Methods?

Brow lift operation in Turkey is a special procedure determined according to the needs of each face and has different options in itself. Subjects such as the person's anatomical structure, needs and expectations closely affect the type of method to be applied. Brow lifting methods, which are generally differentiated as surgical and non-surgical, can be listed as follows:

Non-Surgical Methods

These methods, which are applied using various chemicals and fillers, are the least invasive among eyebrow lifting operations. In some chemical methods, the forehead skin is stretched upwards to lift the eyebrows and the wrinkles are filled. The eyebrows are raised without the need for surgery in this way. The most preferred chemical method is botox application, which provides the advantage of healing in a short time and fast results. Botox is often preferred due to its ease of infection and the risk of infection is extremely low, but it should be repeated in 3-6 months since it is short-lived compared to other applications.

Other non-surgical methods can be listed as filling, rope application and device therapy. All of these methods are advantageous in terms of convenience and speed, but are short-lived in effect. Therefore, it is recommended to be repeated at certain intervals.

Classical Methods

Classic brow lift is among the most invasive brow lift techniques, but shows the best results in terms of effectiveness and permanence. During the procedure, an incision is made from the area between the two ears, usually just below the hairline and excess skin and fat are removed that cause sagging. If necessary, the muscles in the forehead area can be realigned. After the process is finished in this way, the upper and lower parts of the skin are combined and the incision is closed by suturing. Since the incision area is under the scalp, there is usually no visible scar at the end of the operation. Although the recovery at the end of the procedure is longer than the non-surgical techniques, the permanence is also extremely long.

Besides all these; Many of the classical brow lift operations are combined with eyelid aesthetics and in this way, the eyelids and eyebrows are arranged at the same time. In addition, sagging problems in the area can be eliminated more permanently in this way and both vision problems and the problem of looking old are eliminated.

Endoscopic Methods

The endoscopic brow lift method, which is less invasive than the classical method, is a surgical procedure and is applied by cutting and removing excess skin parts. During the procedure, tiny incisions are made in the areas deemed appropriate by the physician and access to the muscle system under the skin is provided from these parts. In one of the incisions, special equipment with a camera is sent, and the operation is followed on the screen in the operating room, and the devices in the other incisions are controlled from the outside.
In this application, which provides easy access under the skin, muscle groups are stretched by pulling upwards, special tools such as hangers or hooks are used for this. In endoscopic brow lift procedures, the details of which can vary within themselves, mesh and net-like materials that adhere to the bones can also be used. Even though the details of the procedure vary within themselves, the main principles are generally similar and include interfering in the muscles by reaching through tiny incisions made from the scalp. It is completed in a shorter time than incisions made directly on the eyebrow, maintains its effect for years and heals faster. In addition to this, the absence of traces in the visible region in these methods is another advantage.

Healing After Brow Lift

As the brow lift can be performed with more than one technique, the healing process to be experienced afterwards also differs accordingly. In general, in non-surgical techniques, the operation time is shorter, patient comfort is higher, and the recovery rate is higher. For this reason, hospitalization is not required after the procedure, and no incision is made since it is applied using special injectors or devices. There is no problem in returning to daily life after botulinum toxin application, which is the most commonly used non-surgical technique, but the patient is asked to pay attention to basic issues such as not going out in the sun for a while, not lying on the face and not getting hit on the area.
In invasive techniques performed with local or sedation technique, the operation time is longer, but patient comfort is kept as high as possible. Regardless of the technique used, hospitalization is usually not required and discharge procedures are completed within 1-2 hours. Because the effects at the end of the procedure are permanent, these techniques are more advantageous than non-surgical methods, but a different suture or fixation material is used in each technique.

Depending on the details of the technique applied, there may be minor changes in the healing process, but Turkey, which is one of the highest quality addresses in terms of medical tourism, stands out with its low-cost and high-quality services. At the end of the eyebrow lifting operations planned at the international level and according to the needs of the person, the ideal appearance can be achieved in the shortest time. 

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