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What is Hollywood Smile Aesthetics?

Hollywood smile aesthetics, which is performed for individuals to have a perfect tooth and gum appearance, takes its name from the unique smile of "Hollywood stars”. Thanks to the smile design applications applied, a mouth and tooth structure with a symmetrical, healthy and white appearance is created. Within the scope of the applications, not only the teeth are whitened, but also the gums look healthy, the teeth have a proportional structure, and the gums, teeth and lips are in harmony with one another.

In Hollywood smile aesthetics, the patient's nose, chin, lips, teeth, gums and facial structure are taken into consideration and the procedures to be applied are determined accordingly. Thus, it is a personalized application.

In Which Situations Is Hollywood Smile Aesthetics Applied?

Hollywood smile aesthetics consists of a series of operations and can be applied to any individual who is not satisfied with their smile.Of course, patient expectations are essential in the planning process. The general standards set for a smile to be called a Hollywood smile are:

-Having a smooth structure of the upper anterior teeth,
-Appearance of all teeth, including the upper molars, with a deep smile line,
-If there is a filling application in the upper teeth, the filling in question is not visible,
-The upper incisors are more prominent than the other teeth and the lower incisors are visible,
-When smiling, the gums in the upper part appear up to 2 mm,
-The lips are both symmetrical and half the width of the face.

As long as there are no obstacles in the face and mouth structure of the patients in order to meet the mentioned standards, each individual can have a perfect smile with Hollywood smile aesthetics.

What are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile Aesthetics?

Considering aesthetic operations all over the world, Hollywood smile aesthetics is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operations.

If the relationship between the patient and the physician is established correctly and the patient's expectations and needs are fully understood by the physician, the higher the success rate that will be achieved as a result of the operation.

At the same time, thanks to the rehearsals to be carried out before the applications, the patient can see the smile he will have at the end of the application before the application.

We can list the prominent advantages of Hollywood smile aesthetics as follows:
-Teeth gain a symmetrical and aesthetic appearance,
-Teeth and gums gain a much healthier appearance,
-As the ideal smile is designed, the self-confidence of the person increases,
-As patient expectations are taken into consideration, patient satisfaction will be at the maximum level after the application.

Thanks to all these advantages, Hollywood smile aesthetics has become extremely widespread in our country as well as all over the world. Because with the right choice of physician and a successful application, results that create patient satisfaction can be obtained. 

What are Hollywood Smile Aesthetics Treatment Applications?

Hollywood smile aesthetics does not consist of a single procedure. In addition to dental and gingival treatments, lip filling and similar applications can also be performed. Since the expectations of each patient will be different, the procedures to be applied also differ from patient to patient.
Thus, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to decide on the procedures to be applied. The most applied procedures in Hollywood smile aesthetics are porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and implant procedures.

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneer is a veneer process and is applied to the front of the teeth. In this way, stains, fractures, separations and distortions on the teeth are removed. During the application, the teeth are abraded at a minimum level. Since materials with light transmittance are used, there is no change in tooth color. Of course, oral and dental care is also of great importance here.

The steps followed in the porcelain veneer process are as follows:

-A model is created for the teeth
-The patient and the physician together create the ideal tooth form by using computer software,
-After the decision is made, dental prototypes are prepared,
-Prototypes are attached to the teeth and patient satisfaction is checked,
-The prototype remains on the teeth for 7 to 10 days and if the patient is satisfied, real teeth are inserted.

Teeth Whitening

The purpose of teeth whitening is to lighten the tooth color by a few tones and to give the teeth a natural appearance. Teeth whitening can be done in the clinic under the control of a physician, or it can be performed by the patients at home with the use of coatings and gels.


In implant treatment, it is aimed to complete the missing teeth and to eliminate the unaesthetic appearance, so that individuals have a pleasant smile.
In addition to all these Hollywood smile aesthetic applications, composite laminates, full ceramic coatings, orthodontic treatments, zirconium supported coatings, gum treatments and lip filling applications can also be performed. The duration of Hollywood smile aesthetics differs according to the procedures to be applied.

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