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What is Cheekbone Filling?

Cheekbone filling; It is a method applied to people who want to bring their facial features to aesthetic standards. This method, which is extremely effective for the person to have a natural and attractive appearance, is applied to eliminate this problem in people with sunken cheekbones due to genetic or environmental factors. The operation, which makes the cheekbones look fuller and more prominent, also reduces the effects of aging by tightening the area. The method, which stands out with its natural-looking effect and successful results is one of the most preferred applications by women today.

How is Cheekbone Filling Done?

In the cheekbone filling method, first of all, the areas that need intervention are determined. For this, the patient's face is analyzed by the physician and the areas to be filled are determined by drawing. After determining how much volume will be applied to which area, the preparation for the injection to be applied to the area begins. The content of this injection used contains hyaluronic acid, which helps rejuvenate and restructure the skin, as well as expanding agents. In addition,

Sometimes the fat taken from the person's own body can be added to the injection, if the physician deems it appropriate. The prepared injection is applied to the relevant area without surgery with the help of special needles. The filler injected into the cheekbones makes the area look lively and swollen, while reducing the effects of aging. In addition to this, it provides a significant recovery in the area by making a lifting effect, reducing wrinkles. As a result, it makes the deteriorated face form more oval and fresh, thus providing an aesthetic facial line.

How Long Does Cheekbone Filling Take?

The content of the injection to be applied to the face in the cheekbone filling is determined according to the volume loss in the person. Therefore, the processing time is directly proportional to the needs of the person. The injection is made directly on the bone, thus giving volume to the cheekbones and cheeks. It is essential to avoid exaggerated applications in the injection, which is applied by considering natural and aesthetic forms. If the volume loss on the face is more than normal, the filling application can be applied in stages.

To Whom Is Cheekbone Filling Applied?

The cheekbone filling method is often applied to people with facial volume loss due to extreme
However, cheekbone augmentation is not recommended for pregnant women, women who have just given birth, breastfed women, those with a history of autoimmune disease, skin infections and those who use blood thinners. Because such situations increase the risk of complications in the application.

weakness or weight loss. In addition, this method is very effective for people who do not have enough tissue in the cheekbone area due to aging or structural effects. With the application, the loss of volume in the area is eliminated and the cheek transition on the face is softened.

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