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Hypospadias in Turkey

Hypospadias surgery in Turkey done by the most experienced doctors. Having plastic surgery in Turkey has a lot of advantages. Cheap prices, internationally successful doctors, great hospitals and tourist attractions, highly successful operations are some of them.

Patients with hypospadias can have a free consultation with our dedicated medical team. If you want to have hypospadias surgery in Turkey, please contact us. 

Types of Hypospadias

The surgery is usually performed around the age of 5 years boy with hypospadias. It is done under general anesthesia. The type of surgery changes according to the degree of hypospadias. When the urethral opening gets farther from the point it should be, the surgery gets more difficult. 

Often, in addition to opening the urinary hole at a different point, penis curvature also occurs. This problem also is corrected in the surgery by straightening the penis. By operation, the urine hole is taken to the tip of the penis and a new urinary tract is created. Sometimes, after surgery, a smaller hole may remain at the point of the old urine hole. 

In addition, the urinary tract may remain narrow. Narrowness, curvature, and holes can lead to bigger problems after the baby has grown. So, the operations should be performed very delicately. For this reason, delicate operations must be performed by using a loop or microscope. The catheter should be used for about 5 days after surgery.

Babies with hypospadias should never be circumcised before the surgery for the use of foreskin in some surgeries.

After successful surgery, children can urinate like other normal children. People who have undergone surgery in childhood will not have any problem with going into sexual intercourse. 

Types of Hypospadias

Its types are classified according to the distance between the penis tip and the urinary hole.

Forms of hypospadias;

The type that urine hole is very close to the point where it should normally be, is called Glandular Hypospadias.

If the urine hole is located just below the head of the penis, it is called subcoronal hypospadias. These two types are the most common types and the easiest to treat.

Other types of hypospadias; Distal, Midshaft, Penoscrotal, and Perineal. 

After Surgery Period

The patient may return home the same day after the surgery or may stay in the hospital for 1 night. It depends on the size of the operations and interventions performed. In about 5 days after correcting hypospadias, the bandages are opened.

After a week, the used catheter is removed. Post-operative pain can be controlled by painkillers.  


When is the best age for hypospadias treatment?

There is no age limit for hypospadias treatment. However, the best timing for the treatment is around 2 years. Timing depends not only on the severity of hypospadias but also any further abnormalities.

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