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What is Post-Pregnancy Aesthetics (Maternity Aesthetics)?

Every woman wants to return to her prenatal look after giving birth. This is also targeted with the procedures performed within the scope of maternity aesthetics. These surgical procedures, also called mommy makeovers, are offered as a package. In maternity aesthetics, it is aimed to remove sagging breasts, fat in the abdomen and hips, swelling or cracks in various parts of the body due to breastfeeding after birth. In short, postpartum problems are detected and these problems are eliminated with a few surgical procedures, allowing women to achieve the appearance they desire. In the standard maternity aesthetic procedures, the breasts are erected, the abdomen is flattened and the vagina is made much younger. In maternity aesthetics, the procedures are not performed separately, and therefore, patients do not need to receive anesthesia separately. Thus, all procedures are performed without interruption, with a single anesthesia intervention and in a single package.

Maternity aesthetic applications do not only cover a physical change. As a result of these procedures, mothers will be more satisfied with their appearance, and there will be no loss of self-confidence or self-esteem. Thus, as soon as the physical appearance changes, the quality of life will also change positively.

Who is Suitable for Maternity Aesthetics?

Mothers whosebabies have been weaned for 6 months after their birth are the most suitablecandidates for maternity aesthetics. Because during the 6 months after birth,the body renews itself and heals. Thus, it is recommended that breast augmentation procedures be performedafter the end of the breastfeeding period. Maternity aesthetics is notrecommended for expectant mothers who want to have children again. Thus, these procedures are much moreideal for women who do not plan to give birth again. The points that patientswho want to have maternity aesthetic procedures should know are as follows:

Apart fromthese, body structure, whether or not they want to be a mother again and patient expectations are also determinants of suitability for operations.

What Are the Procedures Covered by Maternity Aesthetics?

Maternity aesthetics includes certain procedures, but here the needs of the people are taken into account. So every procedure may not be necessary for every patient. The basic procedures performed within the scope of maternity aesthetics are as follows:

Breast Lift, Augmentation and Reduction

During pregnancy, the breasts grow to contain milk. However, after the birth and the end of the breastfeeding period, problems such as shrinkage, sagging or loss of fullness may occur in the breasts. Thanks to the aesthetic surgical methods used, it is possible to restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy state or to the form requested by the patients. After the operation, the breasts will have a much more aesthetic appearance. If breast augmentation and lift is to be performed, some soft tissue removal and silicone prosthesis are placed here.

Vagina Tightening and Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal tightening surgery is performed in order for the vagina to have a narrower, tighter and more aesthetic appearance after delivery. With this surgery, called vaginoplasty, the enlarged and loosened vagina is narrowed. Labiaplasty means vaginal aesthetics. Loosening and elongation may occur in the inner lips and outer lips of the vagina after birth. Generally, the inner lips are badly affected by this situation, but in some cases, it is possible to extend the inner lips and protrude beyond the outer lips. With the labiaplasty procedure, the excess skin on the inner lips is removed and the vagina is provided with an aesthetic appearance. The recovery period of patients after this operation is extremely short.


Excess fat accumulation may occur in the hips, back, arms or abdomen. These fats are removed using special tubes and cannulas. Liposuction can be performed just before the tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy Tuck

Within the scope of tummy tuck operation, excess fat and skin tissue in the abdomen are removed. Excess skin is removed from the upper part through an incision made in the bikini area. The operation is completed by stretching and tightening the muscle and tissue in the abdominal region.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Many different procedures used in the treatment of stretch marks are effective in removing cracks that occur after childbirth. The most commonly used methods in the treatment of stretch marks are: Pulse DYE Laser, PRP (Planet Rich Plasma), eCO2 Laser (Fractional laser), fractional radiofrequency with micro needles and dermotherapy.

Even though these procedures are applied within the scope of maternity aesthetics, it is also possible to apply additional procedures according to the needs and demands of the patients.

What Are the Procedures Covered by Maternity Aesthetics?

During therecovery period, patients may need to have a companion to assist with theirdaily work. It is not recommended for patients to move too much during thisprocess as it may cause pressure or pain in the suture areas. What you need todo in this process will be explained to you by your doctor. These aestheticprocedures performed by a specialist physician do not carry any risk. Theimportant points that patients should know about the operation process andpost-operative period are as follows:

-You usually donot need to stay in the hospital after post-pregnancy plastic surgery. So youcan complete the healing process at home. However, if necessary, your doctormay ask you to stay under observation for 1 day.

-After theaesthetic procedures are completed, patients may feel fatigue or weakness. Sodoing daily chores will be more difficult than ever before. That's why someonewho will help you with the housework will make your job easier.

-Depending onthe number and size of the procedures to be performed, the treatment processmay take 1-2 weeks on average. The recovery period after the operations shouldbe planned to be a minimum of 2 weeks. In this process, the occurrence ofconditions such as pain, bruising or swelling is considered normal.

-You may need touse some medications and pain relievers to make the healing process morecomfortable. It is not recommended to drive a car without stopping the use ofthese drugs.

-Swelling occursin postpartum aesthetics. While the results of some procedures can be seenimmediately, the swelling must disappear completely for some to appear. Someswelling may take more than 6 months to go away.

-Lifting heavyweights or doing intense exercise programs after operations affect the successof aesthetic procedures. Thus, you should avoid such activities for at least 6 weeks after theoperations. In addition to this, it is recommended not to lift babies heavier than 4.5 kg during thisprocess.

-As smokingreduces blood circulation, the healing of wounds is delayed and this increasesthe risk of complications in the operation areas. Thus, it is not recommended to smoke during the 4weeks before and after the operations.

-Eating abalanced diet, doing routine exercises and adopting a healthy lifestyle areeffective for getting a more efficient result in aesthetic operations. In thisway, you can make your physique much more aesthetic.

-Invasivetechniques are used in aesthetic procedures performed after pregnancy. Thus, it is important to work with anexperienced and expert plastic surgeon. Put your health first, not the price ofthe operation.

Aestheticoperations performed after childbirth greatly change the appearance. Thus, it becomes possible for patientsto continue their lives as self-confident individuals.

   Maternity aesthetics or mommy makeover is amethod used by many women, especially in recent years. If you wish, you canalso plan the post-pregnancy process during pregnancy by consulting yourdoctor.

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