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What are the symptoms of Tongue, Lip, and Oral Cavity Cancer?

  • Unilateral ear pain, Mass or ulcer looks like an infection around the oral cavity**
  • Hard mass around the neck, palpable lymph nodes
  • Non-healing, long-lasting lip, and oral cavity wounds
  • Structural changes such as thickening mucosa of the lip, gums, and oral cavity
  • White and red patches on the gum, tongue oral cavity
  • Bleeding lips or oral cavity, pain or numbness
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Difficulty in speaking
If one or more of the symptoms above are observed, one should immediately consult a specialist.

The Risk Factors of Lip, Tongue, and Oral Cavity Cancers

Tobacco Use and Tobacco Products

Tobacco-derived products are the leading cause of almost all oral cancers. The people who use tobacco products constantly and for a long time are at major risk. The risk of developing cancer gets higher with the people who consume alcohol as well. %90 of the oral cancer cases are seen in people who have tobacco use habits. 

Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure is an irrefutable cause of all types of skin cancers. It has a much stronger effect on smokers. 

Alcohol Consumption

It is known that people who consume alcohol excessively are more likely to experience this type of cancer than non-drinkers. The more the person consumes alcohol, the more the risk is higher. 


Having a cancer health story in the family, eating disorder habits, unhealthy living conditions, and health problems increases the risk of Lip and Oral Cavity Cancers. 

How to Diagnose?

The possibility is more with the people who have

  • Non-healing wound for 3 weeks
  • Tobacco use and alcohol consumption for a long time
  • Family Story of Oral Cavity Cancer

Thus, the person should consult a doctor for a biopsy to inspect.  

Lip, Tongue, and Oral Cavity Cancers are observed on 45 years old men the most. 

Treatment Process of Lip, Tongue, and Oral Cavity

Cancer can spread rapidly around the oral cavity because the mouth area is rich in blood and lymph vessels. That's why early diagnosis is vital. Screening tests should be done as soon as the diagnosis is made.

Cancer spread is most likely to be first seen in the lymph nodes on the throat. Secondly, cancer spreading may be observed in the lungs, brain, and liver.

First of all, the cancerous area must be surgically removed.

Due to the functional features of the region, tissue transplantation should be performed either from the region or from more distant regions using microsurgical methods.

If cancer spreading is suspected, the lymph nodes on the throat should also be surgically removed.Then, chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment should be applied according to the size and spreading of the tumor.

If the diagnosis of cancer is delayed, cancer may have already spread around and it may cause the entire cancerous area to be surgically removed, which can greatly decrease the patient's quality of life and functions.

Post-op Procedure

  • The patient should pay attention to routine controls with the surgeon.
  • The patient should quit smoking and consuming alcohol to prevent cancer to recur.
  • The mortality rates as a result of Lip, tongue, and oral cavity cancers are reduced thanks to the early diagnosis and the correct treatment.
  • The health and life quality of the lip, tongue, and oral cavity cancer patient depends on the early diagnosis, the success of the treatment, and recommendations of the surgeon that the patient should follow. 

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