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What is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant basically acts as an artificial tooth root and aims to prevent the loss of intraoral function caused by missing teeth. Dental implants made with materials with high compatibility in the mouth are placed in the jawbone and thus help to fill the missing teeth in a healthy way. In the dental implant, both the bad image caused by the missing tooth disappears and the tooth begins to perform its normal function. In dental implant treatment, which is safer and more permanent than other treatment methods, the artificial tooth root is applied directly into the jawbone.

Before the treatment, an intraoral x-ray is taken and the general health status of the person and the jaw structure are checked. If there is no problem, modeling studies of the most suitable implant for the person are started. These studies can also be carried out digitally thanks to the developing health technologies today.

When is a dental implant done?

Dental implant can be applied as a permanent treatment.. ;

In cases where a single tooth is lost and the neighboring teeth are not damaged,

In the absence of molars,
In case of long edentulous spaces in the mouth,
In cases where all teeth are missing in the lower jaw,
In patients who have started bone resorption and lost teeth in the lower or upper jaw

Provides a long-lasting use if oral and dental care is carried out correctly and regularly.

Benefits of Dental Implant

Dental implant is generally a much safer method than veneer, palate prosthesis and bridge method. The advantages of this method, which is preferred due to its benefits and success rate, are as follows:

  • - In the treatment of dental implants, titanium posts that act as tooth roots and are fixed to the jaw are used. Therefore, strong teeth with the same strength as normal teeth are created. Since other tooth completion methods are applied by sitting on the teeth, they do not provide a bite force as strong as a dental implant.
  • - It is not possible to notice the dental implant aesthetically, so it supports the facial structure and cosmetic appearance. Other methods applied in case of tooth loss do not support the facial structure and cause a change in appearance. This is not the case with dental implants.

  • - The dental implant ensures that normal speech function is maintained as it should. Inability to pronounce words and some letters that occur in other treatments such as dentures are not observed in dental implants. Thus, natural and easy speech is preserved.
  • - In order to prevent bacterial accumulation and infections in the mouth, artificial dental care should be good, but the material from which the dental implant is made does not show decay. For this reason, since there is no possibility of caries in the dental implant, there is no cavity in the mouth over time.
  • - Visible differences occur in the mouth in dentures and other tooth replacement methods. In dental implants, the natural structure of the mouth is preserved and an aesthetic smile is provided. Thus, problems such as insecurity and external appearance anxiety that may occur in social life are eliminated.
  • - With the dental implant, the cavities in the mouth are filled properly and applications that damage the side teeth are not performed. Thus, position change problems do not occur in the teeth on both sides of the cavity.
  • - A dental implant does not require any additional care, unlike normal oral and dental care. It is therefore easy and simple to maintain.
  • - Unlike other dental treatment methods, the dental implant does not require periodic maintenance or changes. The material used is long-lasting and permanent, it cannot be renewed again.
  • - Unlike other dental treatment methods, the dental implant does not require periodic maintenance or changes. The material used is long-lasting and permanent, it cannot be renewed again.

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