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What is a Thread Face Lift?

The treatment known as thread facelift, V-lift or thread lift is a method for non-surgical removal of skin sagging due to advanced age. Thread lift, which is one of the most frequently applied cosmetic dermatological methods with its high success rate and easy procedure process, is a preferred operation in terms of aesthetic beauty. With this method, which gives form to the skin with the help of special surgical threads, the skin, which has lost its elastic structure over time, regains its form.

As a result of the application, the saggy and dry-looking skin gains a natural shine and the skin sagging is removed. In addition, thanks to the stretching of the skin, wrinkles that occur due to time are also eliminated. Thread lift, which is beneficial in many ways, helps to eliminate self-confidence problems caused by the aging face.

Where is Thread Face Lift Applied?

Thread facelift can be applied to all points of the face, as well as to the chin, neck and décolleté areas. Although the area of impact of the application is the face, thread lift is used as an effective treatment in all procedures such as eyebrow lifting, adding volume to the cheeks, removing chin defects and correcting sagging problems under the chin. In addition, sagging problems in the abdomen and hip regions, although rarely, can be corrected with this method.

The group in which the application of the procedure is risky is listed as follows:

Except this; All individuals, male or female, who are disturbed by sagging and wrinkles on their skin, can have a face lift with a thread upon the recommendation of a physician.

How is a Thread Face Lift Performed?

Before thethread facelift, the application area is determined and anesthetic creams areapplied to the area. Then, using special threads and fine-tipped needles, theface is supported by straps. These structures, which are added under the skinas a mesh, support the loosened skin structures and give the skin a tight andbright appearance. Proportional face lift can be applied to the upper, middleor lower face.

What are the Advantages of Thread Face Lift?

Contrary toclassical surgical operations, thread facelift, which does not require surgery,stands out especially with this advantage. Thanks to the completion of theapplication without incision, there is no permanent scar at the end of theprocedure and the healing process is very fast. In addition, it is an effectiveand high success rate application. After the thread lift, which is completed ina short time, the person returns to his normal life and immediately after theprocedure, permanent scars become visibly evident. The maximum effect occurs inan average of 3 months.

Since anesthesiais not required during the procedure and the area is numbed only with creamsthat have anesthetic effect, patient comfort is at the forefront. Thisadvantage also reduces the risk of complications in the application.

 After thread lift, wrinkles are removed as well as sagging on the skin, and the skin gains a youthful and bright appearance in general. As a result; People who are dissatisfied with skin deformations get rid of all these problems with a fast, comfortable and successful procedure.

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