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What is Bow Leg Aesthetics?

The bow leg is used for legs that do not gostraight from just below the kneecap, but curve outward or inward. If the causeof the deformity in the legs is any disease that occurs later, this conditioncan be treated with orthopedic treatment methods. But if the deformity iscongenital and the cause of the curvature is not a health problem, plasticsurgery is a must. This method, also called bow leg aesthetics, can beperformed using different techniques such as filling, prosthesis, fatinjection, according to the person's demands or the doctor's recommendations.The structure and thickness of the legs of the patients are decisive for themethod to be preferred.

Who is Suitable for Maternity Aesthetics?

Fat and muscle tissue make up the human bodyanatomically. If the distribution of fat in the body is not balanced,structural bone disorders, wrong movements as a child or various movementproblems may cause bow legs in individuals. It is extremely difficult tocorrect the curvatures of the legs. Because leg curvatures are caused bydisorders in the bone structure and these disorders can be caused by a geneticproblem or vitamin D deficiency.

There are two different conditions in the bow leg, O and X. That leg is also known as the genu varum or brace leg. The X leg is called the genu valgum. If a brace-like image is formed when individuals connect their heels, then that leg is present. Again, if the lower legs curve outward when the heels are joined, this is the case with the X leg. In both cases, advanced examinations and radiographs are used to clearly visualize the bone structure.

What are the Methods Used in Bow Leg Aesthetics?

Three different methods are used in bow legaesthetics: fat injection, filler and silicone treatment. The details of thesemethods are as follows:

Fat Injection

 If thelegs are much thinner than they should be, then the fat injection method can beapplied. In this method, fat tissues taken from any part of the patient's bodyare injected into the weak areas of the legs. The results are permanent in thismethod applied to correct the bow legs. This transfer process removesdeformities in the legs and ensures that both legs come to an equal level.During this method, no intervention is made on the bones. After this procedure,which is performed under general anesthesia, the patients are discharged on thesame day.

- Filling

If there is not enough fat in the patient's bodyfor the fat injection method, different fillers are used. Each filler has acertain life span, so the process may not always be permanent. The average lifeof fillings is 5 years. Fillings that have expired need to be renewed. Generalanesthesia is not applied to patients in this type of filling procedure andpatients do not need to stay in the hospital. Patients can return to theirdaily lives immediately after the procedure.

-   Silicone  Treatment

The silicones used for the correction of bowlegs have the same structure as the silicones used in breast aesthetics.Silicones used in bow leg aesthetics have two different forms: flat, flat andanatomical. Flat flat silicones are generally used in female patients in orderto obtain a feminine leg appearance. In men, anatomical silicones are used tocreate a more muscular leg appearance. In silicone treatment, local or generalanesthesia is applied depending on the patient's condition. For siliconeplacement, the incision is made just behind the kneecap. The form and size ofthe silicones to be placed between the patient's right tissue are determinedaccording to the patient. Aesthetic sutures are placed in order to leaveminimal scars in the opened incisions.

Even though the method to be used in thetreatment of clubfoot is recommended by the doctor, patient preferences arealso decisive here. In some patients, using a single method may not be enoughand the doctor may prefer to use more than one treatment method together. Forinstance, it is also possible to perform oil injection together with siliconetreatment. Because the structure and shape of the problematic tissues vary ineach patient.

-  Healing  Process After Crooked Leg Aesthetics

General anesthesia is very rarely used for bowleg aesthetics. Thus, it is possible for patients to be discharged on the sameday. General anesthesia is required when the liposuction method will beapplied, and in such cases, it is recommended that the patients stay in thehospital for 1 day. If no serious incision was made during the procedure, therisk of complications such as bleeding or infection is extremely low. It may benecessary to use corsets and compression stockings in patients who haveundergone fat injection. These applications should be continued forapproximately 2 to 3 weeks.

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