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What Are The Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

  • Advanced age: it may occur as a result of lack of subcutaneous fat tissue and adipose tissue. Lack of fluid under the eyes may cause dark cirles under the eyes as well.
  • Fatigue: It may occur as a result of excess physical activity, excessive sleeping and irregularity of sleeping activity.
  • Dehidration: Another factor that strenghtens the tissues is the level of the fluid of the region. As a result of various systemic diseases, fluid deficiency may occur in some subcutaneous regions due to fluid accumulation in other parts of the body. Thus, dehidration causes a cold look on the under eye. The eyes look tired.
  • Thyroid Diseases: The diagnosis can be made after some blood tests.-Inherited Genes: Dark under eye circles in younger ages may be as a result of genetics.
  • Ulraviolet Rays: Ultraviolet Rays may cause discoloration of the skin as a result of exposure to the sun. Our body secretes melanin pigment to prevent the body from the negative effects of sun exposure. The more the melanin pigment is produced the more the skin changes the color and gets tan. In this cases, there may be seen dark circles under the eyes.
  • Allergies: The body or the immune system may overreact to some foreign substances and this is what allergic reaction is. As a result of the allergic reaction, various hormones and cytokines, especially histamine, are secreted from the basophil and mast cells in the blood. These hormones and cytokines cause enlargement in the capillaries, increasing the blood flow in that area, as well as forming a fluid passage from the blood to the intercellular space. In response to such various foreign substances, swelling under the eyes, bruising and loosening of blood vessels and itching may occur.

How Do Dark Circles Under The Eyes Heal?

First of all, if there is any underlying cause, it should be treated, however, swelling and bruises that do not go away with medical treatment can be treated surgically. For this, it will be sufficient to apply to a doctor who has specialized in the relevant specialist branch. Necessary treatments will begin with this process. 

How Is Circles Under The Eyes Treated?

  • Cold Compress: Applying cold compress to the area lessens the inflamation and swelling by reducing the blood flow. Also, it can work for bruises. To sum up, it helps to reduce edema, bruising and pain around the area not only for dar circles under the eyes but also for other reasons.
  • Cremes: ıf the swelling and bruising are caused because of allergies to various foreign substances, some steroid or antihistamine cremes that prevent allergy can be applied. It helps to reduce the bruise as an image. Excessive use of some steroid cremes can cause thinning of the epidermis and dermiş layers of the skin. Due to the thinning, the color of the skin may change permanently and may cause skin irritations.
  • Fillers: Fillers are injected between the areas of under eyes and the cheeks. The effect lasts around one year.
  • Laser Treatment: It helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation under the eyes by stimulating the rejuvenation of the skin tissues.
  • Mesotherapy and PRP: These treatments are effective on the melanin of the skin and prevents hyperpigmantation. They stimulate underskin collagen production as well.
  • Chemical Peels: It is a process based on removing dead tissues from the skin, espec,ally with glycolic acid. After the process, the skin has a smoother and younger appearance. The methos can be used in order to correct skin discoloration, unwanted scars and wrinkles. It can be used with some other cosmetic products if desired. It can be performed according to the level (mild, moderate and severe) of the lesions on the skin. The more severe or deeper the lesion is, the better results are taken however the healing process is longer.

Who Is Prone To Have Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

It can be seen in every person temporarily or permanently, especially in older age groups, due to the reasons stated above, unless due to a special reason. 

Whom To Consult For The Treatment?

Patients should consult Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeons or dermatologists who are specialized on the field. 

Which Vitamins Can Help Reduce The Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

It is known that people who has vitamin B, C, E and K deficiencies tend to have dark circles under the eyes and the bruises and swellings are reduced with the supplementation of vitamins B, C , E and K. Nevertheless, if there is another reason that causes dark circles under the eyes, it is necessary to plan to cure the underlying reason.

It is not good for the body to start taking vitamins without a doctor’s advice and it is known that various diseases may occur due to excess vitamin intake.

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