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What is Dermabrasion?

In the dermabrasion process, which can be calledmechanical peeling of the skin, the suture marks, irregular images or wrinkleson the skin can be removed. For this purpose, sanding bits that work inconjunction with a special motor are used. In dermabrasion, which is a deeppeeling process, the upper part of the skin, called the epidermis, iscompletely peeled off, and a part of the lower layer, called the dermis. Cellsremaining in a part of the dermis layer create regeneration in the skin. A verysmooth and more homogeneous surface is formed on the skin with thisregeneration.

The type of anesthesia to be performed duringthe dermabrasion procedure is decided according to the application area. Eventhough it is usually performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia canalso be applied if the application area is large. In chemical peels, there isno need to apply anesthesia. Even deep chemical peels are not as effective asdermabrasion. Another method, laser peeling, has a very limited effect.Dermabrasion gives much more effective results in the correction of depressionsand scars due to puberty acne or accidents, compared to all other treatmentmethods.

What are the Problems That Can Be Resolved With Dermabrasion?

Causes deterioration of skin integrity; Removalof scars formed after illness, accident or surgery is possible withdermabrasion. The most common causes and possible outcomes for applications fordermabrasion are:

  • The bad appearance ofthe wounds that develop due to acne is removed,
  • If the scars formedafter accidents or surgery are not very deep, the upper layer of the skin ispeeled off with dermabrasion and the scars can be removed,
  • Dermabrasion can beeffective in removing some tattoos,
  • The level of wrinklesdue to aging, especially around the mouth, can be reduced,
  • Color changes on theskin due to reasons such as prolonged exposure to the sun can be removed.,

There are no age or gender restrictions for dermabrasion. However, the older the age, the longer the recovery period after dermabrasion. People with dark skin color are likely to experience permanent discoloration or staining on their body. Thus, dermabrasion is the last treatment method for dark-colored people.

How is Dermabrasion Performed?

Before the dermabrasion procedure, necessarywarnings are given to the patients. For instance, the use of drugs that dilutethe blood should be discontinued before the procedure. Likewise, smoking is notrecommended 1-2 weeks before and after the procedure. If there are activepimples on the face, the operation is postponed until these pimples disappear.Depending on the application area, dermabrasion application, which can beperformed under local or general anesthesia, does not focus only on the problemarea. For instance, for a small scar on the cheek or chin, an entire cheek orchin peel may be required. The reason for this is to create a homogeneousappearance in the region and to prevent tonal differences.

Dermabrasion, which is a process that takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, is usually not completed in a single session. Dermabrasion is done with a special machine that has wire sandpaper or diamond at the tip and turns these materials quickly with the help of a motor.After the operation, gauze pads containing antibiotic ointments are placed on the wound. The development of new cells is completed within 7 to 15 days, depending on the depth of the operation.

After cell development, the gauze pads on the wounds fall off on their own. It may take up to two weeks for patients to return to their work life, and it is mandatory to use sunscreen creams after returning. It may be necessary to wait up to 3 months to see the clear results of dermabrasion. At the same time, it is considered normal to have redness in the application area in the 4-6 week period after the operation.

What are the Side Effects of Dermabrasion Procedure?

Even though there are no restrictions for dermabrasion,dermabrasion is not recommended for patients in some cases. These situationsare:

Except for the above cases, there is no obstacle for patients to undergo dermabrasion. Things to know about the complications that may occur after the operation are as follows:

In addition to all these, swelling of the skin in the application area is also considered normal. It is also considered normal for patients to feel pain while chewing hard foods in the procedures performed on the face. The swelling usually starts to go down within a few days and disappears to a large extent after 1 week. As there will be an open wound in the application area, crusting occurs during the healing process. It is not recommended for men to shave for several days. After the wounds begin to heal, it can be shaved with a machine. For the success of the treatment process, it is necessary to work with a specialist doctor.

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