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What is Hand Aesthetics?

Hands are among the organs where signs of agingare first observed. Over time, depending on various chemical and biologicalfactors, problems such as wrinkles, spots, freckles, veins and excess skinbegin to appear on the hands. Hand aesthetic surgery is a method applied toeliminate these problems in the hand. Hand aesthetics applied by plasticsurgeons are especially preferred by middle-aged and older individuals. The aimwith this application is to improve the overall image by giving the hands ayounger and firmer appearance.

Why is Hand Aesthetics Necessary?

Hand aesthetics is one of the procedures applied to eliminate the signs of aging on the hands and is preferred in cases such as:

  • Loss of subcutaneous fat tissues of the hand
  • Prominent vein appearance in the hand
  • Hand bones become visible
  • The onset of form loss in the skin of the hand
  • Decreased hand leather quality
  • Hand hardening and wrinkle onset
  • Freckle, spotting and redness on the hand

How is Hand Aesthetics Performed?

The aim of hand aesthetics is to eliminate theexisting image problems of the person and to give a fresh look to the hands. Inaddition to this, applications are made to improve leather quality and preventcolor changes. There are many different methods in hand aesthetics, thetreatment plan of which varies according to the individual, but especially thesurgical ones stand out with their long-term effects.

Hand Aesthetics with Fat Injection

Fat transfer, which is carried out by injectingthe fat from the person's own body into the hands, eliminates the signs of agingon the hands. With this method, which is extremely successful in terms ofaesthetic appearance, symptoms such as wear on the hand, tissue loss andwrinkles are eliminated. Fat transfer is applied to the dorsal part of the handand ensures the regeneration of the tissues there, while an improvement in thecolor of the skin surface is observed. In addition, the appearance of veins inthe hands is reduced, the general hand image becomes healthier and more vivid.

The application steps of the process are asfollows:

  First of all, it is determinedwhere the fat to be transferred to the hands will be taken, this process isusually applied to the areas with excess fat.

  The extracted fat is enrichedin terms of stem cells in the laboratory environment.

  Then, an injection is made atthe appropriate rate on the back of the hand.

  Worn hands gain a softer andmore aesthetic appearance with the help of injection.

  Injection application is completed in approximately 30 minutes and onesession is sufficient to observe the effects of the procedure. Due to theapplication, edema may occur on the hands for 3-5 days, and the results beginto appear with the disappearance of this edema. The day after the procedure,the person can return to her daily life.

Hand Aesthetics with Filling

Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are frequentlyused in facial aesthetic operations, are also highly effective in handrejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to regenerate by producingnew cells, is a frequently preferred filler to restore aging and worn hands totheir former health. Normally produced by the body itself, hyaluronic acidhelps the hands to revive and take their old form. In this way, it removes theeffects of wear and old age.

The steps applied when performing handaesthetics with filling are as follows:

1.   Before the procedure, a localnumbing cream is applied to the area.

2.   Once the agreement is reached,the session is started.

3.   Fillers rich in hyaluronic acidare injected into the required areas.

   Handfilling, which is organized in sessions, is completed in approximately 2sessions and each session takes half an hour. Immediately after the procedure,the person can return to his daily life and notice the effects. However, astime passes after the procedure, the results become more satisfactory as newcell production will be more.

Other Hand Aesthetic Applications

In addition to these, there are differenttechniques applied to rejuvenate the appearance of the hand.

Stretching of the hands; It is preferred in cases where the elasticity losses on the handare high and it is applied by stretching the top of the hand from the outeredges. Since this method is a surgical procedure, it leaves a scar afterwards.

Reduction of veins; It is performed by removing the veins on the hand by laser orsurgical operation. At the end of the procedure, the appearance of the veins onthe hand is significantly removed and the general condition of the hands isimproved.

Chemical peeling;It peels the skin of the hand and provides regeneration of the skin and helpsto increase the support tissues under the skin. In general, it is effective inmaking hands look younger and healthier.

Laser therapy;Provides removal of sunspots on the hand. Fractional laser applications, on theother hand, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Laser applicationsorganized in sessions are planned according to the needs of the person.

Due to the use of different applications in handaesthetics, it is very important to consult a specialist for the righttreatment and to choose a suitable method.

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