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What is Leg Thinning Surgery?

In leg slimming surgery, also known as leg liposuction, unwanted fat in the legs is removed and rearranged. With this method, the legs that have a saggy and fatty appearance become tighter, while the appearance of cellulite is removed. Thus, it is possible to both remove the extra fat in the legs and improve the appearance. In the leg thinning operations applied to eliminate the cellulite problem, fat is taken from the necessary areas and fat is injected into the areas where the dimples occur. In this way, it is ensured that the fat in the legs is rearranged to create a smooth image.

Where is Leg Thinning Surgery Performed?

Leg thinning surgery is handled in 3 separate sections and these areas are planned according to the problematic structure of the patient.


The area around the knees is suitable for fat accumulation, so the fatty and saggy appearance, especially around the kneecap, can be eliminated by leg thinning surgery. Disorders caused by excess fat in the inner and outer parts of the knee are eliminated after leg liposuction.

Under the knees

Sometimes there is excess fat under the knee, which is one of the least needed areas during leg thinning surgery. Due to the thickening of the bottom of the legs, a disproportionate form begins to form from the ankles and this is visually disturbing. It is preferred to be corrected with liposuction, as it also causes problems with not being able to wear trousers and boots. After the procedure, the lower legs are brought to standard and normal thickness.

Upper leg

The leg parts that start above the knee are the body parts that are most affected by the appearance of cellulite. For this reason, it is necessary to rearrange the appearance of the orange peel while removing excess fat in leg thinning surgeries that focus on this area. The thighs that thicken after weight gain and the leg spaces that rub against each other while walking are thinned in this way. In addition to this, sagging and loosening in the area are eliminated, and the legs are generally brought into a fit and tight structure.

How is Leg Thinning Surgery Applied?

Before the leg thinning operation, the needs ofthe person and the areas that require application are examined in detail. Thesituation is evaluated together with the specialist physician and the areassuitable for treatment are determined. The most commonly used method for legthinning is called "Vaser Liposuction". In this process, the tissuesaround the problem area are not damaged and the structures such as vessels,nerves and lymph channels in the region are protected. This method, whichensures the removal of the fat in the region in the healthiest way, isfrequently applied and gives successful results.

During the process, special frequency soundwaves are used to break up the fats and in this way, the fats are convertedinto liquid form. Then, the liquefied fats are removed from the area with thehelp of thin cannulas. Basically, upper leg and lower leg thinning surgeriesare organized in different sessions. In this way, any risk in terms of bloodand lymph circulation is prevented.

After Leg Thinning Surgery

A fast and successful recovery process isobserved in leg thinning surgeries performed with Vaser Liposuction. Healing isextremely rapid as edema occurs with minimal damage to the surrounding tissuesduring the application. In the first few weeks after the procedure, all of theedema is removed from the body and the leg gains a thin form. It is recommendedto wear tights and corsets for the next 3 weeks to maximize the effects of thesurgery. In this way, the legs are formed faster. The first effects of theoperation begin to be observed within 7 to 10 days.

Since the procedure is made through smallincisions, small scars of a few mm may remain in the application area. Overtime, these areas turn into normal skin color and become invisible, so there isno obvious scar in the area after leg thinning surgery. The pain after theprocedure is almost non-existent and can be relieved with simple painkillers.

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