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What is Lipofilling?

Lipofilling is a process that takes place in theform of transferring fat tissues from one part of the body to the area of ​​need.This procedure, which is applied for cosmetic purposes, is preferred by thosewho want to have ideal and fuller facial features. Lipofilling, which has beenapplied in the field of plastic surgery for a long time; It is used indifferent procedures such as healing surgical wounds, removing pits on the skinand opening various skin adhesions. This procedure, which is usually performedunder local anesthesia and focuses on removing deformations, is one of the bestoptions for those looking for a young and fresh look.

In Which Areas Is Lipofilling Applied?

Since lipofilling is used for cosmetic purposes,it is applied to the face area. Lipofilling can be used on different facialparts such as the nose, cheekbones and chin. It aims to eliminate thedeformities in these areas and to add volume to the required areas. It can alsobe preferred on the lips and eyelids or in breast augmentation procedures.Lipofilling, which responds to different aesthetic needs at the same time, canalso be used in other surgeries performed with fat tissue transfer, such as legdisorders.

Lipofilling is a cosmetic application applied toadd volume to the necessary areas of the body with the fat transfer method. Thegeneral purpose of this application can be listed as follows:

  Filling depressions on cheeksand cheekbones

  Filling the jaw

  Plump the lips

  Eliminating facial volumelosses

  Editing facial symmetry

  Improving the overall facialappearance

What are the Advantages of Lipofilling?

Lipofilling is a procedure that is completed ina short time and shows ideal results. Inaddition to cosmetic applications, it is also used in other situations thatrequire fat transfer. The main benefits of this process are :

  Special injectors are usedduring the procedure and patient comfort is kept at the highest level. No painor ache is felt during the process.

  It is equally effective on manydifferent areas

  It is a healthy and naturalprocess as the person's own body oils are used during the procedure.

  It does not contain foreignsubstances that will disrupt the person's body and skin structure.

  There is no trace after theapplication.

  Since the injected tissue isthe person's own tissue, it is compatible with the body and does not cause anallergic reaction.

How is Lipofilling done?

Lipofilling is usually performed under localanesthesia. Before the procedure, it is decided how much tissue will be takenfrom which area and the application is started accordingly. First of all,sufficient amount of tissue is taken from the area with excess fat, after thisprocedure, the area to be transplanted should be kept stable to increase tissuecompatibility. The ideal is to keep the area motionless for 1-2 days, so thatmaximum efficiency can be obtained from the procedure. Tissues filled withspecial injections are transferred to the transplant area. After the procedure,the skin quality in the area improves, the skin color improves, andrejuvenation effects are observed. In addition, the skin becomes bright andfresh. Since the injected adipose tissue is rich in stem cells, tissueproduction in the transplant area is triggered after the procedure. Thus,positive results such as volume increase, skin tension and elasticity gainarise.

    It ispossible to improve the general appearance and have a more lively and freshface with lipofilling. However, as in every aesthetic application, the successrate of lipofilling depends on the level of expertise of the physician. Anapplication with the right physician helps to get the best results.

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