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What is Mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty isthe medical name of chin aesthetic surgery and is applied to restructure thechin according to the face. In this way, it is ensured that the chin isharmonized with the rest of the face and the deformities in the chin areeliminated. What to do in the mentoplasty application is determined accordingto the needs of the person. For instance; for patientswith small jaws, methods such as adding tissue or implants are preferred and incase of deformity, the bones in the jaw should be brought to their originalposition. Since mentoplasty, which includes different applications, is plannedin accordance with the needs of the patient, the choice of physician is ofgreat importance.

What Does Mentoplasty Do?

Mentoplasty isgenerally a preferred procedure to improve the appearance of the chin and tomake it compatible with other facial structures. During the application, whileimproving the chin proportions, the general facial contours are regulated. Forthis reason, mentoplasty closely affects not only the appearance of the chin,but also the harmony of the general facial features with each other. At the endof the procedure, more attractive and aesthetic facial proportions areobtained, and existing self-confidence problems are eliminated.

Among thetargets with mentoplasty, the following can be listed:

   The jaw structure of the person isbrought to the ideal form.

   Deformities in the jaw arecorrected.

   Implants are applied to small jaws.

   Long jaws are rasped and reduced.

   The back or front jaw isrepositioned by moving it back and forth.

   In general, a chin compatible withthe facial features is obtained.

    With mentoplasty applied under the control of aspecialist physician, the person can have the most suitable and ideal lookingchin.

What is the Preoperative Process Before Mentoplasty?

Before thementoplasty surgery, a facial analysis should be performed on the person and itshould be planned how the chin form to be obtained at the end of the procedurewill be. For this, the doctor goes to the examination and the studies to bedone on the person are decided during this time. The operation process isplanned under the control of the physician, who resolves the questions in thepatient's mind, and what needs to be considered beforehand is explained.Depending on the individual's needs, the physician may recommend additionalfacial procedures. If surgery is decided, the suitability of the general healthstatus of the person is checked. After the necessary laboratory tests andexaminations, the patients who are suitable for anesthesia are called again onthe day of surgery. It is recommended to interrupt the use of aspirin, otheraspirin-containing drugs, vitamin E preparations and non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs before the application. On the day before theoperation, at least 12 hours of fasting is sought.

How is Mentoplasty Performed?

Mentoplasty isperformed under sedation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia. While makingthe anesthesia decision, the scope of the procedures to be applied to theperson and the general health status are taken into consideration. Mentoplasty,which is a short procedure that does not require hospitalization, is usuallycompleted in 30 minutes, but depending on the scope of the procedure, this timemay increase to 2-3 hours. The procedures performed during the surgery are alsodetermined according to the needs of the person.

In casesrequiring a chin implant; An incision is made under the chin or inside the mouth and the implantto be inserted into the chin is placed through this incision. Generally, insuch applications, treatments such as screws or plates are not required, andthe sutures are removed from under the membrane surrounding the jawbone. Jawrasping and reshaping operations are also performed through the same incision.As a result; A chin that is in harmony with the person's facial features andhas an ideal appearance is created.


   After the procedure, there may be slight ache,pain and tension in the area. In addition to this, symptoms such as bruising and edema may alsobe observed. However, all of these complaints disappear within 1 week. Abandage is applied to the chin for 2-3 days after the procedure and it takes 5to 7 days to remove the stitches in the area. If the used sutures dissolve ontheir own, no suture removal procedure is required. It is recommended to payattention to the following points to ensure recovery as soon as possible afterthe surgery:

   Thefirst few days after the application patient should fed with soft foods that do not tirethe jaw. Feeding and chewing function returns to normal in about 10 days.

   Ittakes a few weeks to start exercising.

   Itis important to protect the area from severe blows and sudden movements for atleast 6 weeks.

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