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Things to Consider Before Aesthetic Surgery

Every surgery performed under anesthesia carries a risk, albeit a small one, in terms of health. Plastic surgeries are also included in this group. Some points to be considered before the surgery make the process much easier and reduce the risks of the current surgery. These issues can be listed as follows: 

  • Even though it is an aesthetic operation, every operation is important and puts the body under intense stress. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare the body mentally for the operation before and after the operation. Patients who are ready for surgery as a head can spend the next period more comfortably.
  • If there are medications that are used regularly due to various diseases such as diabetes, asthma, thyroid and heart disease; It is important to inform the specialist before plastic surgery. It may be necessary to take a break from some of the drugs used or to use additional drugs with the recommendation of the physician. Thus, there is no possibility of conditions such as bleeding and infection during the surgery.
  • It is necessary to stop smoking and alcohol use one week before the operation and pay attention to the diet.
  • Recovery time in aesthetic surgeries is different from other surgical operations. For instance; After nose surgery, which is frequently applied, bruises and swelling occur under the eyes and around the eyes. This may cause a mental breakdown in the person, but it gradually passes over time. The main effects of the operation and the complete shaping of the nose take place in a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year. Thus, it is extremely important to be psychologically ready for this process.  

  • The use of contraceptive pills should be stopped for weeks before the operation. At this stage, it would be much more correct to talk to the doctor about this issue.
  • Nutrition and water consumption are also important in the pre-operative period. Care should be taken to consume at least two liters of water a day and to take foods that are easy to digest, two weeks before the operation. Fiber-rich and liquid foods can be consumed with the recommendation of a physician. If the physician deems it appropriate, a personalized nutrition plan can be prepared. It is recommended not to consume fatty and heavy foods, especially before liposuction operations, and to maintain healthy eating habits after the operation.
  • In addition, personal care products such as clean pajamas, underwear and toothbrush should be prepared in case you stay in the hospital for 1-2 nights. The preparation of hygienic products makes the person feel much better and more comfortable.

The Importance of Psychology in Plastic Surgery

In aesthetic operations, motivation should be kept at the highest level both before and after the operation. Especially if there are confusions and uncertainties about the process before the operation, if the person is in fear, the risk of developing complications during the operation is also high.

For this reason, it is necessary to give importance to the psychological preparation of the person before the operation, as well as the physical. As a result, aesthetic surgeries are operations that do not pose a risk to health and provide the reconstruction of visual defects; Naturally, the health problems in other surgical interventions are not found in these operations.

It is important that the person adjusts her mood accordingly and believes that the surgery will go smoothly. As a matter of fact, people who prepare themselves well for the surgery and manage to keep their motivation high have a problem-free recovery process. 

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