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What is the benefits of
labiaplasty surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery eliminates the lack of self-esteem in women. Women feel more comfortable in their social lives. Women who have labiaplasty surgery are very comfortable and confident. Another important issue is that with labiaplasty;

  • Cystitis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Mushrooms etc.

The frequency of these problems would be significantly reduced. 

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Labiaplasty - Review

Reasons of Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery is one of the most common operations among female genital plastic surgery. Genital aesthetic surgeries have been performed so far with sociocultural or ethnic characteristics, which makes the patient comfortable.

However, nowadays, it is the fastest spreading and increasing operations among the aesthetic operations due to the change in both the technology and the living standards. Normally, the outer lips in women cover the inner lips inside. For the large inner lips in aesthetic appearance and functional aspects of the problems are these; 

Labium is larger than normal, drooping or asymmetric, which causes the region to remain moist for a long time and causes health problems such as fungi and vaginitis.

Women with esthetic concerns about the external genital organs may lose their confidence in themselves over time and experience negativities in their sexual lives.

Women whose labiae are normally big and drooping, avoid wearing tights, swimsuits or tight pants in their daily lives. 

On the other hand, some women may also have an inner asymmetric inner lip structure. So a lip may be larger or shorter than the other. Hormonal causes may also cause growth, sagging and discolouration of the inner lips in some people. Hormonal causes include;

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Long-term use of birth control pills.

Before Labiaplasty Surgery

  • Before such surgeries, an examination is essential, as in any aesthetic operation.
  • Explain the expectations to the physician and a joint decision should be made with the patient.
  • The physician should be informed about the drugs used and the diseases.
  • There are routine examinations and examinations to be performed before the operation. 

Labiaplasty Surgery Process

Labiaplasty surgery under local anesthesia can be done between 40 minutes – 1 hour. However, the surgery can be performed under general anesthesia.

In this case, the patient should stay in a hospital environment for one night. Also, stitches are not required as sutures are placed. In the operation, the thin folds of the inner lips, which extend more or less from the outer lips, are surgically removed. 

The crimp problem is eliminated. Folds out of the curves are removed. New normal inner lip shape is given. The remaining tissues are sewn. The yarns used for the seams in the operation area are self-melting type.

Once the healing process is complete, there is no numbness in the sexual zone. People do not have a problem with their partners. After this operation, which is defined as aesthetic or genital area aesthetic, it may become pregnant. Pregnancy is not an obstacle. 

After Labiaplasty Surgery

  • Your resting period is 3-4 days. One night is enough to stay in the hospital. It is safe to start after 4 days.
  • The numbness between the 6th and 12th months after the operation is normal. This period needs to be filled in to make your feelings return to normal.
  • You will have pain that can be managed with painkillers on the first day of surgery. Then, with the painkillers recommended by your doctor, you can get through the pain slightly.
  • It can be easily returned to daily life after the operation.
  • It is recommended to take a bath after the second day in order not to keep the stitches moist.
  • Short showers should be taken during the first 10 days. 
  • First 15 days pool, sea, sauna etc. things should be avoided.
  • There is no trace of surgery after the healing process. 


Do Labiaplasty Surgeries Reduce Sensitivity During Sexual Intercourse?

Labiaplasty operations have no negative impact. In fact, because the person will become psychologically more self-confident, their sexuality problems will also be eliminated. 

Can Virgin Women Have Labiaplasty?

In labiaplasty operations, the inner lips are minimized and the outer lips are given a shape. The surgery is not relevant to virginity as the operation is carried out around an area remote to the hymen. 

Why is Vaginal Aesthetic surgery required?

Beauty has always been a very important subject for women. As time goes by, women have become much more interested in aesthetic operations. They have been interested in not only body aesthetics, face aesthetics but also vaginal aesthetics.

Although vaginal aesthetic operations first started in surgery clinics in the United States, it has been very quickly for surgery rest of the World to start up performing labiaplasty surgery.

Nowadays, Vaginal aesthetic operations became very trendy among women. The most demanding type of vaginal aesthetics is Labiaplasty surgery. According to plastic surgeons and surgery clinics, the numbers of patients, who require vaginoplasty and labiaplasty operations, are increasing tremendously among all aesthetic surgeries.

The labiaplasty procedure is a type of cosmetic surgery that aims to reduce the size of labia minora which is the inner thin flaps of tissue, Women, who have large inner labia or labia that are asymmetrical or labias that are sagging, find labiaplasty procedure very satisfying. Labiaplasty procedure satisfies women both physically and emotionally. 

What are the surgical procedures for labiaplasty?

The surgery procedures for labiaplasty start with a consultation with the surgeon. After an examination, the patient and the plastic surgeon should decide together what should be performed for the patient individually. If the patient has sagging, asymmetry, or large inner and outer lips, the patient needs labiaplasty surgery.

The plastic surgeon plans the surgery procedure depending on the needs and desires of the patient. What causes discomfort and distress is fixed by labiaplasty procedure.

During the labiaplasty procedure, the unwanted tissue or excess tissue is removed carefully to all the nerves that cause pleasure during sexual activity. After carefully removing the unwanted tissue or the excess tissue, the area is sutured with dissolvable stitches.

Dissolvable stitches do not cause any allergies. Since the stitches are dissolvable, the patient does not need to see the plastic surgeon after the surgery one more time to remove the stitches.

Labiaplasty procedure not only puts an end to hygiene problems caused by unwanted tissue or excess tissue on labia minors, but also provides a more suitable shape to the vaginal region by correcting the abnormal size of the inner and outer labia, asymmetry, and volume loss of the inner lips. During labiaplasty surgery, volume loss is fixed by transferring fat which is removed from another part of the body or by fillers.

Is general anesthesia more suitable for labiaplasty procedures?

Labiaplasty surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. General anesthesia is required mostly to avoid stress during the procedure. If the patient wants the surgery under general anesthesia, the patient should be examined. Examination, whether the patient is a good candidate for general anesthesia or not, is important. General anesthesia is also preferred in terms of patients patient

Although the majority of the patients and the plastic surgeons prefer labiaplasty surgery under general anesthesia, some patients are interested in local anesthesia. 

After the surgery, while patients who underwent labiaplasty surgery under general anesthesia should stay one night at the hospital, the patients who underwent labiaplasty surgery under local anesthesia are ready to head back home just after the operation.

Before deciding, a patient should consult an experienced plastic surgeon for all the choices and possibilities regarding anesthesia.

What is the process after labiaplasty surgery?

A vast majority of women think that labiaplasty is a painful operation however it is not. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is a safe and easy surgery. The surgery takes approximately one hour, depending on the procedure that should be done.

While the patients who prefer general anesthesia should stay one night at the hospital, patients who prefer local anesthesia are ready to get back home just after the surgery. Light swelling and bruises are expected following labiaplasty surgery.

The swelling and bruises will subside within days. The patients feel very little pain associated with labiaplasty procedure during the recovery process.

The patients who underwent labiaplasty surgery should avoid swimming, sauna, or sexual activity for 3 weeks.

It is recommended to take the first shower 2 days after surgery. After the surgery, it is recommended to take shower while standing for the next 10 days.

The doctor will explain the personal hygiene ways in detail, also patients should follow the doctor's recommendations very carefully to avoid possible infection problems after the labiaplasty procedure.

Since dissolvable stitches are used during the surgery, they will be absorbed by the body, so the stitches do not have to be removed.  

Why should the patients avoid sexual activities after the labiaplasty procedure?

After the labiaplasty procedure, full healing is required to get back to regular sexual activity. Any distortion of the tissue should be avoided including inner and outer labia. Some incisions are sutured with dissolvable stitches after the labiaplasty surgery.

The patient should abstain from sexual activity until the stitches are fully sealed or closed. Sexual activity can rip the dissolvable stitches, which may cause distortion. Also, the edges of the labia are very sensitive until full healing. Avoiding sexual activity for a while is necessary for a shorter and more comfortable recovery process. 

What are the effects of labiaplasty procedures among women?

Even though labiaplasty procedure is an overlooked surgery, it has very satisfying results that can improve a woman’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and even more, a labiaplasty procedure can improve a women’s quality of life.

The labia belong to a very private part of the body and some women find it difficult to come up with the topic even with a trusted doctor. Women, who have unwanted tissue around the labia, who have issues about the size or the volume of the labia, may have some difficulties regarding hygienes, sexual activity, and daily activities.

Some women who underwent labiaplasty procedure, confirm that they were one shy to wear tight clothes or swimsuits. After the surgery, women do not feel uncomfortable wearing tights, bikinis, leggings, or dresses. 

Is it possible for foreign patients to go through a labiaplasty procedure during COVID?

Foreign patients are accepted and can easily go through a labiaplasty procedure under some precautions. 

What are the precautions against COVID-19?

  • Since COVID-19 is a part of our lives, we take serious precautions for both our patients and our medical workers.
  • We supply PCR tests for our patients before the surgery. If the test result is NEGATIVE, the surgery can be performed.
  • All the medical workers including the surgeon, the nurses, the staff are sterilized and wear masks all through the process.
  • Some measures such as washing hands, disinfect the surfaces, keep distance, use face masks are repeated regularly.
  • Also, for the patients who stay at the hotel, the hotel rooms are sterilized before their arrival.
  • We offer VIP transfers for our patients.
  • Our VIP transfer shuttle is suitable for keeping a distance with the driver who also wears face masks during your safe transfers. 

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