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Suitable Age for Microtia Surgery

Contrary to what is known for microtia surgeries, it is wrong to expect the child to grow well. In these operations, the age of the child is 5 years of age when cartilage development is complete. Both the child's suitability for anesthesia and ear development should be completed.

It is very important for the psychological development of the child not to exceed 5 years old. Ear congestion should be done before school age in order to prevent the absence of congenital ear scoops in the child.

The mother of a child born with microtia, in this case, the risk of having another child has also increased slightly (5 per cent). 

How is microtia diagnosed?

Your child’s paediatrician should be able to diagnose microtia by observation. To determine hearing ability, your child’s doctor will request an examination with an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, and hearing tests prepared by the audiologist. 

It is also possible to diagnose the scope of your child’s microtia through a CAT scan, but this is mostly done only for older children. 

The audiologist will assess your child’s hearing loss level and confirm the presence of an ENT ear canal. Your child’s ENT can also advise you on hearing aid or reconstructive surgery options. 

Treatment Methods

General or local anesthesia is applied according to the treatment. The ear may require 2 or 3 operations if done completely from the start.

There are 2 types of treatment to be done. The first is the transfer of cartilage from the rib to the ear. Sometimes it can be used in artificial materials. An artificial ear is prepared which is the same as the other ear. 

They are placed in the ear just like dental implants. The physician will share the appropriate method with the patient for all the details.

For congenital closed-ear surgery, a specialist doctor should be present. Otherwise, various complications may occur. 

After Surgery

If the amount of intervention in the operation is large, the eyelid may remain open for a short period. Since the eyes will be open a little bit in the first days after surgery, dryness preventive eye drops are suggested. 

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