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Causes of Fat in the Abdomen and Waist Area

The abdomen and waist circumference, which is open to regional stubborn adiposity, are among the most problematic areas in the human body. Waist circumference adiposity, which is common among both women and men, affects the aesthetic appearance of the body and invites various diseases.

This adiposity, which accelerates especially in women after menopause, occurs very quickly and causes deterioration of the general appearance even if the person's weight is close to ideal. The abdominal region, which is prone to weight gain, is at risk of getting fat despite regular sports and healthy eating habits. The most basic causes of lumbar fat are as follows:

Even though these are usually the cause of adiposity in the waist and abdomen, a doctor's examination is required to determine the exact cause.

Risks of Lumbar Adiposity

Waist circumference thickening, which is an aesthetic problem especially for women and men, is also a problem that indicates worsening of the general health condition. Even though a thin waist is not always a healthy and ideal body measure, the person should have a waist size suitable for their height and weight. Over time, with the advancement of biological age, the metabolic rate begins to slow down and this is effective in the occurrence of various disruptions in the digestive, circulatory and excretory systems. 

As a result, a rapid adiposity begins in the waist area, which is already prone to weight gain, and if it cannot be prevented in time, it may not be possible to eliminate it with sports or diet. In individuals who move away from the ideal waist size, the internal organs begin to work with a lower capacity and accordingly various health problems occur. Aesthetic interventions applied to remove the fat in the region both help to reorganize the physical appearance and eliminate the existing health risks. 

To Whom Waist Slimming Operations Are Applied?

Waist slimming and regional fat removal operations are generally applied to people who cannot lose their abdominal fat, even if they do not have a weight problem. Individuals with a thick waist despite their ideal body weight may prefer one of the waist thinning operations.

However, if the person has a problem of obesity as well as thickening of the waist, the excess weight should be removed first and a more comprehensive treatment should be applied for this. In addition to this, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and individuals under the age of 18 are not suitable for waist thinning operations. Apart from this, every woman or man who encounters the problem of regional adiposity can choose waist thinning methods.

Methods of Getting rid of Fat in the Abdomen and Waist Area 

The stubborn fats in the waist area are those that cannot be removed despite regular sports, especially after a certain age. As dieters often complain, belly and waist fat is too difficult to be eliminated alone. For this reason, many plastic surgery and non-surgical methods today focus on removing stubborn fat in this area. 


One of the most effective methods of removing the accumulated fat in the waist area is the liposuction operation. This method, also called vaser liposuction; It melts and liquefies the accumulated fat in the abdomen and then removes it from the body. In the meantime, if necessary, various arrangements can be made in the area in order to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. This method, which stands out with its high success rate, easy application technique and low complication risk, has the advantage of returning to daily life in a few days. In addition, after the application, side effects such as edema, bruising and swelling are observed at a minimum level.


Cold lipolysis, also known as Cryo, is a method that uses cold vacuuming technique to remove regional fat. The vacuum head used during this process ensures that the fat cells in the area are cooled and then expelled from the body. Cryolipolysis is a very effective and successful method, which is frequently applied to remove waist fat, and it also gives quick results in a short time. 

AWT Treatment

AWT treatment, which stands out with its effective result among the regional slimming and tightening methods, is a kind of shock wave application and allows the fat to be melted in the abdomen and waist area. In addition, it is effective in eliminating deformations that occur after situations such as menopause, rapid weight gain or pregnancy. It provides results from the procedure in an average of 8-10 sessions and gives long-term results.Apart from the methods listed above; Applications such as CoolSculpting, which freezes and destroys fat cells, Velashape, which guarantees 2 sizes of thinning, Slim-up and Thermage Body, which helps regional tightening, are also used to treat stubborn fat. These methods, which are tried before the surgical operation, are the prominent applications among the non-surgical treatment options. The most appropriate treatment methods for the person's own body, needs and budget should be decided together with the specialist physician.

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