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What is the ideal age for

Ear development develops 98% of its development at 5-6 years of age. These operations are ideal for the preschool period in this age group. The reason for this is to prevent the social trauma of children by their friends at school and to prevent the loss of self-confidence of the child, it is recommended to perform an operation at an early age. Although it is not a healthy statistics in our country, it is seen that there are approximately equal rates in both sexes. However, girls are able to close their ears with their hair at later ages. 

Otoplasty at a glance

Procedure: Otoplasty

Duration: 1-2 hour

Stay: 5 days hotel

Anesthesia: Local

Recovery: 7 days

Scar:behind the ear

Results: final result 3-6 months 

Before Prominent Ear Surgery

The patient’s suitability for surgery and expectations are evaluated during the interview. Detailed information about the operation is given and the patient should be informed about the procedure before and after the operation.

Patients who cannot have local anesthesia can also be operated with general anesthesia. 

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No words can describe my satisfaction. I appreciate what he does for people. The result is exactly how I wanted it to be! 

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Prominent Ear Surgery Process

Prominent ear surgery is usually performed within 1-1.5 hours under local anesthesia. It is a non-painful operation that does not require hospitalization. It is based on the incisions made behind the ear with the help of surgical ropes to shape the ear cartilage and to bring them closer to the skull. 

After Prominent Ear Surgery

After surgery, the patient will be able to return home after being operated on with local anesthesia.

It is enough to use a painkiller for a few days. Your doctor’s advice on this is extremely important.

After a few days, the patient will be able to return work

Newly shaped cartilages are kept constant by the ropes and sports bandanas are used until the ear adheres to the tissues. This period is about 6 weeks.

During the recovery period, it is necessary to wear a headband at night 

What is rope ear surgery?

It is an incision operation that is applied to people with openness above the normal in the ears. Pulling the rope to bring it to the angle that should be in the ear scoop is applied, so the medical literature has been called the rope ear surgery. It is a very popular technique that has problems with symmetry in the ears and/or is applied to people who are open and outward from the ears, and who do not have much ear deformation.

It is a risk-free and easy procedure. Ideal for people who fear long surgeries and incisions. Threaded ropes are placed in the ear without any incision with micro inputs. It is also seamless because the operation is not interrupted. Since the cartilage has interfered with micro inputs, bleeding is almost non-existent.

The technique is one of the most preferred and has extremely short recovery time. 

Why prominent ear occur?

Under normal conditions, the structures in the human body continue to develop until adolescence. However, 90% of the external ear development in the womb completes around 5-6 years of age.

In this process, the defect in the cartilage structure that creates the ear and the insufficiency in the muscles and ligaments that give to the ear causes the ears to prominent. It usually occurs  inborn.

Normally the angle between the ear and the skull is around 30 and 35 degrees. This angle is increased in the prominent eared people. Today, prominent ear affects more than 5% of the population. Although the physiological effect on the patient is unimportant, it has a serious effect on psychological and aesthetic aspects. The ear deformity consists mainly of the excess of the angle of the auricle with the skull, the absence of the outer ear fold. 

Children who are mocked by their friends during the primary school period may also have symptoms related to psychological trauma, such as loss of self confidence, inability to go public, to talk in front of the community, to fail in lessons, and not to go to school. 


I want to have prominent ear surgery. What are the things that I should avoid after this surgery? For example, would it be a problem to use accessories such as headphones or glasses?

It takes a certain time for the ear to fully heal after prominent ear surgery. During this recovery period, the ears are kept at a fixed position with a bandana. The bandana is expected to be worn for an average of 6 weeks. During this process, patients should not wear accessories such as glasses that could open the stitches.

What is Prominent Ear Surgery with Lasers?

In-ear surgery, the incision is made behind the ear and many different tools can be used for these incisions. Cutting tools such as a scalpel, cautery, laser, or sapphire are the instruments used for the incision in surgery, and no one can be said to be better than the other.

It is normal to have minor hemorrhages during the incision and the amount of this bleeding does not change according to the cutting tools used. Hemorrhage in the operation is not the cut of the skin, but cartilage incisions made to interfere with cartilage.

Cartilage cuts should be performed very carefully, otherwise, the vessels on the cartilage may be damaged and dense bleeding may occur.

The veins on the cartilage should be burned with cautery whether they are cut with a laser or other cutting tools.

The correction of the ears with the laser attracts intense interest because it comes to the ear more easily and painlessly. 

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