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Ptosis In Children

Children born with ptosis are called congenital ptosis. This can be caused by muscle-related problems that lift the eyelid. The most obvious sign of ptosis is a drooping eyelid. Another sign is that alignment of the upper eyelid crease equal to each other. A child can bend his head backwards with ptosis, may raise eyebrows to remove the jaw or trying to see better. Over time, these movements can cause head and neck problems.

Sometimes there may be other problems observed as a child born with ptosis. Eye movement problems can include eye muscle disease, tumours (on the eyelid or elsewhere), and other problems. 

Ptosis Surgery at a glance

Procedure: Ptosis

Duration: 1 hour

Stay: 3 days hotel

Anesthesia: local

Recovery: 7 days

Scar: Eyelid

Results: final result 3 weeks

What are the causes of Ptosis?

Generally, ptosis occurs as a birth defect.

  • After an accidental eye trauma
  • Due to excessive traumatic eyelid rub
  • Due to some medicines used
  • Due to aging, the relaxation, and weakening of the muscles that open the eyelid
  • Due to some head trauma, ptosis can occur if there is a neurological deficit in the nervous system
  • It is called “fake ptosis” if it is due to a small eye structure or the excess of the  eyelid.
  • Rarely, diseases or tumors can affect the eyelid muscle, causing eyelids to droop.

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Ptosis - Review

Droopy Eyelid Treatments

Congenital or later-occurring ptosis is considered as a neurological if there is no movement in the eyelid. Neurological droopy eyelid; is caused by the immobility of the muscle that opens the eyelid, that is, the levator muscle. In this case, there is no movement in the eyelid.

Instead of intervening in the muscle that opens the eyelid, a method of helping that muscle must be applied. In this method, auxiliary muscles are used to hold the eyelid upward. 

For example, an attempt is made to open the eyelid by using a piece of muscle or using a fiber (with the help of silicone threads or fiber from the patient’s body). The other method is applied for extended eyelid muscles depending on congenital, trauma, or age.

If the muscle is working a little and if there is a slight movement, the problem can be solved by shortening the muscle length. Thus, the shortened muscular strength will be enough to open the eyelid. 

After Surgery

If the amount of intervention in the operation is large, the eyelid may remain open for a short period. Since the eyes will be open a little bit in the first days after surgery, dryness preventive eye drops are suggested. 

The patient may be discharged on the same day, or after 1 day if the operation is performed under general anesthesia. Eye closure is not necessary after droopy eyelid surgery. 

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I am under 20 and I want to have a ptosis surgery. Is it possible for my eyelid to return to its original state after surgery because of my age? What is the permanence of this surgery for a young individual like me?

In addition to the age-related sagging of the eyelids, it can be sagged even by being affected by genetic factors or environmental factors such as stress. For this reason, it is possible to have this surgery at a young age. After the eyelid aesthetics, the lids may sag again during the natural ageing process, but surgery will slow down this period. 

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