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What are the causes of
secondary rhinoplasty?

  • Failure to plan the operation well and to evaluate the patient’s wishes and expectations correctly before the operation,
  • Problematic of the person’s structural recovery period, infections after the first operation
  • Removal of too much bone and cartilage tissue during surgery
  • In the first operation, the cartilage may be slipped.
  • Severe collapses in the nose bone due to too much removal of the nose bone.
  • There may be cartilage deficiencies in the tip of the nose, on the nose, on the back of the nose or on the inner roof which we call the septum, which keeps the nose. There may also be asymmetries in the nostrils. The missing cartilages in these regions should be corrected with new cartilage according to the anatomical structure and shape of the nose. 

Doctor Bekir performed my revision rhinoplasty surgery. This was my third rhinoplasty. First, two experiences did not satisfy me. Thanks to him, now, I have what I really desired. I am thankful to my doctor and his equip.

Revision Rhinoplasty - Review

What is the Right Time for Secondary Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The important point here is that early surgery should be avoided. It is not correct to consult a physician in such a way that after a short period of 3-4 months after the first operation, because of the shape of the nose is disliked. It should be noted that rhinoplasty is a surgery that requires time. The swelling and the edema should disappear first. The time it takes the nose to reach its final form is at least a year. 

If a complicated surgical operation is to be performed, one year should wait. However, if smaller camouflage surgeries are to be performed, it can be intervened after six months.

Corrective operations almost always require additional cartilage. These cartilages can also be used from cartilage tissues to be obtained through the nose.

However, these cartilages can be performed with cartilage from the ear or rib since these cartilages are not treated and are insufficient.

The area, which is needed in revision operations, is usually the tip of the nose. Because of the flexibility and endurance capacity of the nasal tip cartilage structure, much attention should be paid. 

Who is eligible for revision (secondary) rhinoplasty?

  • If there are significant asymmetries in the nose wings,
  • If the tip of the nose is thinner than it should be,
  • If the nasal tip is removed and the nostrils are visible, 
  • If there is a nose drop,
  • If you have difficulty breathing

With a good operation, the negative health and cosmetic problems of the nose can be eliminated. 

After Secondary Rhinoplasty

  • It is enough to stay in the hospital for one night after the operation
  • A special corset should be worn immediately after the operation. This corset should be worn for 3 to 4 weeks to reduce the formation of edema and swelling and to obtain better results.
  • The feeling of the patient with some pain, ache, and difficulty in the movement for several days after the operation is expected and can be controlled by taking painkillers orally.
  • There is no pain or trouble while sitting because all techniques are not performed in the sitting area, but in the first period after the operation may be difficult to get up and sit. 


Is There Any Guarantee?

Turkey is one of the top medical tourism destinations among patients. Cosmetic surgeries are performed with experienced surgeons. Patient satisfaction is very important to us. We will contact you after you return home. We will follow you up through your full recovery. Although it very rarely happens, every surgery has its risks and complications. If you need any corrective surgeries, it will be free of charge. 

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