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What are the Reason of Skin Cancer?

The biggest factor affecting skin cancer formation is sunlight. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight affect skin cells in the negative direction, causing injury but a long process is required for the sunlight to give such a great loss.

The second major factor is the genetic characteristics. A person with skin cancer in his/her family has an increased risk of having skin cancer. Skin cancer is more common in light-skinned people.

Chemical substances, cosmetic products, radiation and other environmental factors are also effective in the formation of skin cancer

What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

  • Changes in shape, size, and colour of a mole or nevus on the body, and irregularities on its edges.
  • One or more than one mole or nevus may be different and distinct from the other mole or nevus on the body.
  • Non-healing or recurrent injuries.
  • Pain, bleeding and itching around the mole or nevus and around them. 

How is Skin Cancer Treatment?

Early diagnosis is very important in skin cancer as it is in every cancer type. Therefore, it is beneficial to examine ourselves even if we do not go to the doctor very often. Early diagnosis allows both interventions without cancer spread and facilitates the treatment process. The definitive treatment for basal cell carcinoma is surgery. 

In surgical treatment, the wound (tumour) is completely removed, so the tumour is cleared from the area and the patient is recovered. Treatment of squamous-cell skin cancer is a little more difficult because it requires a larger tissue removal.

Nevertheless, the lymph nodes near the cancer area must be examined for possible cancer spread. If there is a spread, the area is tested with some techniques and radiological methods, and the lymph nodes in the area should be removed.  

Malignant melanoma requires surgical removal of the area as well as treatment of lymph nodules. Nevertheless, the brain, lung, liver and other organs must be examined. Because malignant melanoma is a tumour that can spread very quickly and cause death.

Therefore, both the treatment of the wound and the control of other areas and, if necessary, treatment should be done rapidly. In addition to surgical treatment for the malignant melanoma tumor type, certain immunosuppressive drugs or chemotherapy should be administered. 

What are the ways to prevent skin cancer?

Those who carry a genetic risk of skin cancer should examine themselves often. If there is any change in their skin they observe should be shared with the doctor. They also need to undergo screening tests at doctor-controlled intervals. It is advisable to go to the skin doctor or a plastic surgeon every six month or annually.  

Light-skinned people; especially when they go out to the sun, should use sunscreen, not sunbathe for a long time and stay away from sunlight as possible. It is advisable to go to a doctor if there is a whitish or redness in the area that is not mole, and it is not over within a few weeks.

It should be kept in mind that cosmetic products and solarium increase the risk of skin cancer. 

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